08 November, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday: With a Cherry On Top

Welcome to the first ever Tattoo Tuesday! I've decided to go in the order I got my tats in as that seems as best way as any. Helps me to keep track anyway!

I got this tattoo when I was 18 but I'd been busting to get it since I was 13. Seems young maybe, but when I was 13 years old I KNEW I wanted this tattoo. I hadn't quite decided where, but I knew I was going to get it. As soon as I was old enough. I love cherries. Anything to do with them. Real cherries, fake cherries, cherry coloured, cherry flavoured, cherry scented, cherry shaped. If it has anything to do with cherries, you can bet I want it.

I booked in with a reputable tattoo parlour in the city and excitedly spent the next few days telling anyone that would listen that I was going to get a tattoo. Finally. When I got there on the day, the guy at the front stared at me with a blank look on his face - apparently they had "no booking" for me. So the half an hour I spent on the phone with the guy a few days before...nothing?

DAMN! Still, I was determined to get it done. And on that day. Afterall, I'd just been telling everyone about it. Didn't want to look like a loser and I'd caught the bus all the way into the city. So after wandering around for about an hour I found a decent and clean looking studio. Busy enough to be trustworthy but not too busy to fit me in. AWESOME.

Small and straightforward, the tattoo would be easy and wouldn't take too long. The artist got himself set up and started tattooing, the pain wasn't as bad as I had expected. In fact, it didn't really hurt at all. More like an irritating gravel rash.

Laying on the table I was eager to see the finished result. Then the owner, a barely tattooed middle aged creep, came over and decided to sleaze on me while I'm laying there getting tattooed. Asking me if I work at hooters. Telling me to let him know if I ever do get a job there. Sure thing douchebag. NOT. Whatever, it added to the overall first tattoo experience I guess.

And then it was done. And I loved it! And it felt sexy. This thing. Etched into my skin. Forever. Hidden beneath folds of clothes...waiting to be discovered.

And there began my addiction...

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Tony said...

Nice Story, cute first tattoo, I like that you started small and made sure you were addicted, then went bigger.
Shame your first tattoo will be remembered by getting hit on by a sleeze.
Can't wait till next Tuesday :)

Sarah said...

Oh, it's such a cute tattoo! It still looks great and is a timeless design. Can't wait to see more:)

Anonymous said...

What a great way to start! I think this tattoo is super cute. And the sleazebag story? Funny- probably not at the time but now just adds to the whole experience.

Can't wait for next week!

dina vanessa mercado said...

nice tattoo... i love it!!! did it hurt when you had it done? enjoyed your blog.. following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too..kissess!!!

Mrs BC said...

That is exactly how I felt getting my first (& only) tattoo. Now, after 3 ceasar scars & countless stretchmarks, that cute little good luck blue bird is not so cute. Next step - Tummy tuck & goodbye to him forever!

Sheri Bomb said...

Hi Dina and welcome - thanks for following! The tattoo didn't really hurt at all, just felt more like an irritation...but I have plenty more to come and some did hurt!!

Mrs BC I tried to get it further around on my hip away from my tummy so that hopefully it won't get too stretched out of shape...guess I'll just have to see ;) xx

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