04 November, 2011

GB&G UPDATE: Entertainment

I figured it's about time for another Garterbelts & Gasoline update, especially seeing some exiting news has just been announced!

The bill for the festival is shaping up to be an all-star line up of music acts from far and wide. With entertainers from all over the country and over seas, performers as close to home as Brisbane and from as far as Germany will be ROCKING the Friday and Saturday nights.

With many more still to be announced, highlights so far include:

Rusty Pinto (WA)

Y'all know how much I LOVE the crazy live shows and smooth vocals of Rusty! Leading the authentic and exciting Rusty Pinto Combo, these guys have emerged from the wild west of Perth and draw influences from 40s and 50s 'cat music', quickly making a name for themselves as a must-see live act.

The Fuelers (ACT)

The big name in char grilled racing tunes, The Fuelers take their name from nitro-fuelled drag cars: dangerous, unstable machines with a few thousand horsepower on tap. The Fuelers, while being called many things, are usually branded country by their city-folk audiences. This pleases them no-end. It means songs about trucks, heartbreak and picking cotton, silly costumes and a complete ban on playing without a hat. These guys are a HOOT! I had so much fun watching them play last year I can't wait to see them again!!

Warren Earl & The Atomic Rockers (VIC)

Delivering lively authentic rockabilly with lashings of boogie and swing, these guys have the dance floorshaking as audiences whoop into a mass of bopping. Conveying a big polished band feel, they cab be described as Buddy Holly and the Crickets meets Royal Crown Revue. The energy and sheer catchiness of their tunes consistently win these guys a room full of appreciators.

Scott Baker (VIC)

Scotty’s honest lyrics and raw vocal style is influenced by the "Sun Records" stable of stars including Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, and Elvis Presley.

Wes Pudsey's Hollywood Hombres (SYD)

All rhythm and all groove, the Hollywood Hombres expertly combine the elements of Swing, Blues and Boogie-Woogie to create the most infectious beat this side of Louis Jordan.Adding a further element to this heady mix is swingin’ chanteuse Miss Pia Andersen, who tempers the Hombres’ Wynonie Harris and T-Bone Walker influence with the hipster stylings of Etta James and Ella Mae Morse.

Rocket to Memphis (WA)

 Led by the hip swingin' siren of the swamps Betty Bombshell, ROCKET TO MEMPHIS have been leaving audiences dishevelled since 2006, with knee-trembling live performances. If you dig the wild sounds of the 50s and 60s, B-movie tales of bad girls and rampaging zombies - stay tuned!

Mars Attacks (GER)

Having backed up SUN Records legends Sonny Burgess and Billy Lee Riley,these guys bring a hot stage show and varied program – mostly made up of self-composed songs (including their famous trumpet songs) and a well-chosen selection of rockabilly classics.  Their energy transforms each live performance into a special encounter – or should I say a special encounter of the third kind...So grab your children, grab your wife, Mars attacks, run for your life!!

 Keep up to date with all the of the festival announcements here or check back regularly with the Garterbelts & Gasoline OFFICIAL SITE.

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