21 November, 2011

Feeling a little Rusty

What a weekend, or to be more precise, what a gig!

When Rusty and Pat came to town, the Brisbane crowd turned out in force and were an extremely appreciative crowd. Having so many friends who are musos, I know how important it is for the performers to see, hear and feel the support of the crowd and how much it amps up their show so I was very proud of Brissie rockers for getting behind these boys.

The show was FANTASTIC! They are both such talented musicians and both have their own unique style which rocks solo but also fuses so well together when they become the 'Combo'. I bought the new CD and got Rusty to sign it like a total little fan girl haha

I was having SO much fun that I took about two photos but I'm not really sorry because I got to have a HUGE chat with Rusty. He's such a nice, down-to-earth guy. It was really cool to see how friendly and funny he is. I hadn't really spoken to him much before as the last time he was here (for Greazefest) I was too star struck and kind of just went Err...Derr..Ummm...Hi...Blerr. HAH. Loser.

But a few beers (they didn't have any Sailor Jerry Rum) gave me the courage to actually talk to him properly and I'm glad I did. He's super chilled and really friendly. We talked heaps. And he was telling a couple of people around us that before I wrote a review for them no one really cared about them but once they published what I had said about them on all their sites everyone was super interested. Ya know, because I said. His words. I know he was just being nice and totally stroking my ego, but I'll take it!

I squealed and cheered and danced and clapped and sang along down the front and had an absolute ball! Bonus: he played my two most favourite songs, the one I posted the other day and this one.

And when he was saying goodbye at the end of the night. He totally hugged me! Yep, still a loser :P But I'm really looking forward to seeing him again at Garterbelts & Gasoline next year. This time I won't need beer to go and have a chat, I'll just go say hi and try to be a normal person.

Have you ever met an idol or someone you admire? Were you as lame as me?

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