02 November, 2011

WoW - An Announcement

SURPRISE! No WoW today! I tricked ya...but this is still an announcement.

I will be taking a break from WoW for a while. As much as I enjoy the exercises, this isn't a literary blog and I'd hate to be boring people with my waffle. Besides, I have another regular feature that I've been wanting to launch on the blog for a while but didn't want to fill my blog up with 'regular features' that could get boring and would see less of my more off the cuff posts. You know, the ones where I inject my zany personality and you guys love me for it? Or something like that...

Anyway, the NEW regular feature is far more exciting and interesting and will feature much more eye candy!! Some of you may already have an inkling (hint hint) of what it is...you may have seen and heard some murmurs of it on Twitter and other such places.

I am super excited to launch...TATTOO TUESDAY!! 

I know...it's Wednesday today...weird right? Well, a little. BUT from next week onwards I will be posting a new picture of one of my tattoos each week. So many of you have asked me questions about them and are eager to see what it is I've actually got where and I've always been a sucker for peer pressure :P

Each picture of each tattoo will be accompanied by the story behind it, as most of mine do. An explanation of who, where, why, etc. Are you excited? I hope so, I sure am! I'm privileged to wear some amazing artist's skill, talent and creative genius on my body and I'm proud to show it off!

I'm thinking of posting in chronological order, you know the order that I actually got my tattoos in. What do you think? Do you like that idea or would you just prefer a bit of a random selection? Let me know and we'll see what we can work out. But get ready, cos each Tuesday you'll be seeing a bunch of brightly coloured eye candy like this.

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<----- MZ VICKI said...

Oooooo can't wait!

Tony said...

Happy Dance,Happy Dance,:D My thought is that if you do the feature in the order you had them done, then the story behind each one might make more sense :)
Ok I am going to add my own bit of WOW here, I have 2 tongue in cheek literary questions for you.
1. The Person Who wrote the dictionary,- where did he get the words from ?
2. If a word is spelt wrong in the dictionary, How would we ever know ? ;) Bye WOW

Sheri Bomb said...

HAH! And I thought I was nutty :P

1. That's like saying who created language & where did they get the words from? Dictionaries were created as a reference text for the meaning of words that were already being used. The earliest English dictionaries were multilingual and the kind of dictionaries we see today are a far cry from the originals and have evolved over time as has our language.

2. There is no such thing as a word 'spelt wrong in the dictionary'. It's the dictionary!! So it's the boss and whatever it says, goes :P

I think they are silly enough answers for silly questions :P haha

Kate (Suddenly Seven) said...

Ooh I went searching for stocking seam tattoos to show my hubby yesterday after we were talking about it, none looked anywhere near as nice as yours, I may be falling more in love with them! Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Love the idea of seeing your ink and hearing all the motivations behind it. I still don't think I could ever, every get a tatoo but I love hearing about other people's.

I did enjoy the WoW but found that I kept running out of time to finish the story. I hope you'll keep writing and share with us pieces every now and then.

Mrs BC said...

Love your tattoos & look forward to hearing more about them!
lol - my word verification was tatows!

Sheri Bomb said...

Aw thanks Katie, I do so love them! You wouldn't think it would take 3 hours to draw a line but we had to make sure they were straight! Wait til you see the lil bows under my bum ;)

Amy, it's nice to know that people were enjoying WoW but I've been busting to do a tattoo feature for a while. I'm sure I'll still share my writings and once I've gone through all my tattoos I'd love to come back to WoW :)

Mrs BC that is AWESOME! It must be meant to be :)

Sarah said...

I love hearing about peoples body are and the choices (or not) behind them:)

Max said...

Very Cool Indeed!

Looking forward to Tats on Tuesdays!

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