15 November, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday: Whole Lotta Rosie

It's that time again! So this week we're looking at only my second tattoo but it's a bit of a jump from the wussy little cherries I started out with ;)

To be honest, there isn't that much of a story behind this tattoo although it was the very first tattoo I ever got from Mimsy. She was working at West Side Tattoo at the time so these were done there but it was the start of a love affair with her beautiful artwork and a great friendship. She's since gone on to open up her own studio - Mimsy's Trailer Trash Tattoo - which is where I have gotten all my most recent tattoos done...but you'll hear more about that later.

There's no deep meaning behind these, I just wanted to get something in that spot because I love how it looks. I love the whole 'Western Rose' thing and roses also happen to be my mum's favourite flower. Plus they're just feminine and pretty so I figured those were as good a reasons as any to get roses there :P

On and around the collar bones was pretty sensitive, especially by the time we were reaching the end of the 3 hour session. But Mimsy is very gentle and she was so lovely. Being heavily tattooed herself, she knows which bits hurt and she was very sweet, actually apologising to me for it hurting. Hehe she's so cute!!

Four years on and I still LOVE these tattoos. They're so pretty and the colours Mimsy used and the way she blended them and the shading is just amazing! I get a lot of compliments on them but I even get a lot of compliments off other tattoo artists who are so impressed by the colour and shading. Mimsy is one talented lass!

As this was my first "big" and visible tattoo...I was actually a little nervous about getting it done. But I've never looked back and what I thought was just a little nibble from the tattoo bug turned into full blown fever pitch!

I KNEW I just HAD to have more!!

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Hayley said...

I really love these posts! I find it really fascinating and I especially love finding out which places hurt more then others :)

Sheri Bomb said...

Thanks Hayls :) As you say, some places hurt more than others but generally I find it never hurts as much as you think it's going to ;)

Tony said...

Hey Sheri, Man I would stress so much if I had to try and do those evenly, I would line you up with a spirit level, lol.
How long do the colours last before you have to get them touched up again? Has this improved over the years?.
I had one done on my hip and it felt like he was grinding in to the bone!
Bring On Tuesdays :)

Anonymous said...

I really do love the colour in the roses- they do look really pretty! :)

Sheri Bomb said...

@Tony haha yeah we faffed around for a while first making sure they were even ;) With proper care you really shouldn't ever have to have your colours touched up. Also, you're a wuss :P

@Amy thank you, I do so love them :)

Tony said...

I don't have the child bearing hips that you ladies are blessed with, it literally was skin on bone, "Is it really that wrong to scream for your mummy in a tattoo shop!" :)

Sheri Bomb said...

I don't have 'child bearing hips' on my collar bones either...I stand by my initial observation that you are in fact a wuss :P

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