24 November, 2011

Tattoo Thursday: A Blessing in Disguise

Well due to the Nuffnang Top Gear post, I unfortunately had to reschedule my Tattoo Tuesday post for today, and yes I know it's Thursday but it still starts with T so does that count? Anyway, thanks for being patient!

This is actually a tattoo I've posted about before but I didn't really expand on the story behind the tattoo itself, just the general idea. The story may surprise you a little, maybe not. Maybe you'll think I'm an idiot. That's ok. But I will explain.

This tattoo is meant to serve as a reminder. Of everything. I originally got this tattoo as a Valentines Day thing with an ex-boyfriend of mine. He got the same thing on his chest. The idea was that we were 'Blessed' with each other. (This is the part where you tell me I'm an idiot).

Thing is, and I don't know how he felt about the whole thing, but I went into it feeling this was only part of the meaning. I feel I have been blessed with so much in my life. And I always try to be grateful for it. Thinking about these things is always a great mood improver.

And I am in NO WAY religious. So this has not one single religious connoation. I am simply a spiritual person. And whatever higher power that may or may not exist, I feel has generally been kind to me. And I like to remember that. It keeps me grounded and generally reminds me how good I have it, even though sometimes I can forget.

Now I know what you're thinking. EX boyfriend. As in we are no longer together. Do I regret it? Do I wish I didn't still have it? Does it make me think of him every time I look at it. Not really. I certainly don't regret it. Aside from the fact that its meaning extends beyond the relationship, he was a fantastic guy and a huge part of my life. So no, I don't regret it. We have no bad blood. I'm not in contact with him anymore but I'm totally cool with the tat. It means far more to me than just him, so when I do look at it, it's more of a reminder of great things rather than of him or of the relationship.

And guess what? It's not the only exboyfriend tattoo I have :P Stay tuned!

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Tony said...

Good explanation, I don't think just because you and an ex got one done each, that it is an issue, its not a name, that would be an issue!.

Its good cause when you see it, with out thinking it makes you think about what you are blessed with.(with out thinking it make you think, Hmmm writing fail!)

I wouldn't imagine you would see it that much with your long hair, except when you do the bee-hive haha, sounds like a dance :)

The only places I'm not a huge fan of tattoos on ladies are necks and boobs, don't really know why with necks!, but boobs are beautiful and should remain unmarked!:P But that's just my personal taste.

So with this foodporn business.., are we going to see foodporn friday? HaHa :D

Sheri Bomb said...

Agreed Tony, names are BAD! I don't care who you are or how long you've been together!

I also agree about neck and boob tattoos, ESPECIALLY boob tattoos. I just think they look icky.

And no, no FPF this blog has enough regular features. It's just a bit of fun on twitter/instagram.

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