28 November, 2011


Did you see it? Or did you miss it? Last week me and my lil ole blog were gettin around. I'm totally pimpin.

I've become a guest blogger at alternative wedding website idotoo. You all know how hopeless I am for a wedding. Total wedding tragic. And they wanted a little injection of rockabilly kool. So I'm signed on to do a guest post once a month. Here's my first post - of course it was about Scottie & Aleisha's country wedding ♥ but stay tuned for next month's post, it's SO cool!

I've also popped up on The Modern Women's Survival Guide, an online beauty and style empire created by Gaynor Alder, vintage glamour enthusiast and Style Expert for Cointreau's Art of the Cocktail Hour. I did a review for Benefit and have been exchanging emails with the lovely Gaynor about some other exciting things in the works which I can't wait to share with you.

I may or may not also have another article or two coming out in some magazines in the not too distant furture ;) Have to keep pretty tight lipped at the moment but as soon as I can let the cat out of the bag, you guys will be the first to know. Promise.

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Tony said...

WooHooo, Its all happening:) I love it when the cat gets outa the bag.:D
So does that mean you have to go to a wedding once a month or do you have to find different weddings and interview them, how will it work?
Hmm not sure if I consider myself to be a "modern" woman, might have to give that one a miss ;)
Well done Sheri, You are a "happenin Thing"

Sheri Bomb said...

No I can just blog about wedding-related things, anything from invites to table decorations, photography, etc

Thanks :D

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