03 November, 2011

My Body

I'm a little slow on the uptake, but here it is...

In between cleaning the house & cooking dinner

Lots of people posted in their underwear. I didn't want to. Not because I'm embarrassed about my body. It would just feel like a betrayal. That probably seems an odd thing to say given there are plenty of pin up shots of me scantily clad in underwear etc. But on here, in this space, it seems too personal, too intimate. So I chose to go with the next best thing, tight shorts and my swimmers - I figure that is just as revealing and unforgiving as underwear. Oh and because my swimmers are so sailor-y I decided to add the hat...basically just because I'm a tool.

I used to hate my body. Now I heart it. I'm very proud of that transition, especially at the age that I am. I think it's sad that so many people do not love their bodies, particularly older people. That's a long time not to love yourself. I think I would wither if nobody loved me for that long. We need to love ourselves, we are the only ones who can sustain us. We will always have us. So get cozy, right?

We've had a bumpy road, my body and I. Physically and figuratively.

I've posted before about how I used to be fat. How I used to be so unhappy. How I didn't like myself. But that's not the only hurdle my body and I have had to jump.

When I was 4 I was attacked by my Auntie's doberman on Boxing Day. It had my face in it's jaws and had to be pried off me by my uncle and two cousins. When I got to the hospital, they didn't want to stitch it because I was so young, so they butterfly clipped it instead. I'm lucky, I only have a few small scars, most of which can't be seen now. Although I have a small scar above my lip and one on my nose that just looks like a big freckle.

When I was 9 I fell off a swing and had a rusty metal pole gouge a huge hole into my left knee. 38 internal and external stitches later, I couldn't walk or sit normally for months. There is still a very nasty looking scar there. I used to hate it. I used to be very self-concious about it. Now it's just a dog ear in the pages of my life, a reminder of the stories that make up me.

When I was 16 I had a tumor in my breast. It was the size of a golf ball and I had to have surgery to have it removed. Luckily it was tested once it was removed and it was at that stage, benign. I have a barely noticeable scar around a section of my nipple. When the scar was still fresh it was quite ugly looking and at that age, it was a huge issue for me. I was very worried about how it looked no matter how much I was assured the scar would fade. Thankfully it has faded and no longer looks like a Franken-boob but as I have gotten older I came to the realisation that anyone lucky enough to get a look at that scar either a) cares for me too much for it to be a problem or b) is too excited to notice ;)

I have my whole life ahead of me. I'm sure my body will carry me through many more scrapes, hardships and triumphs. And I thank it for that. It hasn't been so well of late and this was a timely reminder to remember how much I need to make sure I love and care for my body, not just in an emotional sense but in the most basic physical way.

Thanks to We Heart Life for the powerful, affirming and thought provoking concept of I Heart My Body 2011. Reading all the other stories has been beautiful and inspiring. I think deep down, despite our insecurities, we all love our bodies. I still have my days when I feel fat or unattractive or just down on myself. But I'm proud to say they are few and far between and everyday I can look at myself in the mirror and say 'you know what, I go alright'. We just have to take the time to remember all the good things about them rather than focus on the negatives.

My body is perfect in its imperfections and I love it for that.

Please, take the time to remember to love your body. Do it right now. Tell me what your favourite thing is about your body. I honestly want to know.

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Zoe said...

Love the pics! Made me laugh :P

Sheri Bomb said...

Yeah...I'm a tool :P haha

Tony said...

Hi Sheri, As Usual a great Story and very Stylish :)I love your Outfit! (There has to be a sailor Jerry comment there somewhere).

Its funny how everybody looks at each other and just sees a body, and judge whether its a good one or a bad one. But there is so much more, there is history and stories, battles and triumphs, behind every mark there is an adventure whether it be good or bad.

I don't love my body, I don't hate my body, I feel pity for it I suppose. For too many years I expected more from it than it was designed to give, and now I am paying the price.
It is covered in a multitude of scars from child hood cuts through to major operations, each with a story and a memory.

My favorite bit is my legs, after years of conditioning they remain very fit looking and make me look a lot fitter and healthier than I really am :) The best part is that my body gets me out of bed every day and lets me enjoy!

Sheri Bomb said...

Great comment Tony, and so true :)

Anonymous said...

I think you have a gorgeous body! I would have never picked you for anything other than oozing with confidence.

Thanks for sharing your story :)

Lisa said...

Great post Sheri!
I find it doesn't matter so much what size or shape you are but people react more to how confidently you carry what you've got.
So, loving what you see in the mirror is more likely to cause others to love what they see in you too!
Thanks for sharing your blog with us at Vintage Caravan Magazine too by the way - as I was too tied up at the stall to fully partake, your in depth review was much appreciated!

Sheri Bomb said...

Thanks Amy, as I said - we all have our days but thankfully my 'days' are few and far between :)

Lisa, thanks so much for stopping by! I couldn't agree more!! And thanks to VCM for having me :)

Melissa {Suger} said...

I have no idea how I missed this post but I LOVE it. Our bodies, our lives, our choices especially the imperfect bits are what makes life what it is. Perfection is ridiculously overrated.

Those swimmers and cute shorts and the hat. All kinds of AWESOME. :)

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