14 November, 2011

GIVEAWAY: Animal People

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I love animals. Anyone that has been around me for longer than a minute will know this. I just can't help myself. I goo and gah over them. I squeal with delight when I see a dog out and about. I just feel this connection to all animals. I also love reading so the opportunity to read Charlotte Wood's new novel was a very welcome one.

Animal People follows a single day in the life of Stephen, an aimless, unhappy and unfulfilled man struggling to know how to make his life better. Set in a big Australian city, the book traces Stephen to his dead-end job at the zoo, his demanding family, his opressive feelings for his girlfriend and the pitiless city itself. The great weight of it all threatens to come crashing down on him. The day will bring untold surprises and disasters, but also the revalation - perhaps too late - that love is not a trap and that only he can free himself.

Firstly, I really enjoyed the concept of a whole book dedicated to a single day in the life of a character and Charlotte Wood's observations are sharp, witty and extremely poignant. The detail, so painstaking, making the ordinariness of things not so ordinairy and revealing so much, not only in her character but within me too. What appears on the surface as simplicity, is a complex yet tender narrative.

The book resonated with me on so many levels and the razor sharp revelations cut through what I thought I already knew about myself. Stephen's challenges and observations are so relatable that his own bare emotions and reflections are a shock to see in yourself also. Animal People draws comparisons between humans and animals, our similarities and what sets us apart. Where in the beginning these differences seem significant and many, slowly begin to emerge as revalations of truth and parallels.

A compelling read, the novel acknowledges common social prejudices and fears and presents them so emotively, so personally, that we are encouraged to not only confront them but to seriously reconsider them and how that can impact our lives. A very moving read, Animal People will get you thinking and ultimately, provide those lightbulb moments that can permanently alter your perspective.


Take the insightful and emotional journey with me! I have an extra copy of the novel to giveaway to one lucky reader. All you have to do is leave a comment answering this question: Are you an animal person? Why/why not? Please make sure you include an email address with your comment or make it visible on your Blogger profile. Winners will be drawn Monday 28th November.

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Sarah said...

The book sounds fantastic.

Animals are a big responsibility, and just like having children, it freaks me out a little.

I yearn to have a dog and love visiting the dogs who dwell with friends and family. We rescued one cat and one cat adopted us so we are currently only a cat family. When and if we feel the time is right to add another animal to the mix, we will but in the meantime I'll keep drooling over dachshund pictures on the internet.

Sheri Bomb said...

Oh Sarah I am the same! I want a pug sooo bad but I'm just not quite stable enough lifestyle or financial wise so I'm holding off but as soon as I can I'm going to get a pug...and I'm pretty sure I'll cry when I do haha

Anonymous said...

I love dogs Soo Much!, I can't look at a dog with out smiling, all dogs have this dopey, mischievous, cheeky... canI,huh,huh,canI, look about them. They are always happy and always loving.
Don't hate cats, but don't love them either, Like all other animals, I just want to care for them and make sure they are safe.
Found a frilly lizard in the yard the other day with a hurt back leg, it was late in the afternoon and I was worried if he couldn't run fast, that the neighbours cat would get him, so I put him in a big box with fruit and water and branches, and let him sleep safe for the night. The next morning I put him on a rock in the sun and watched him till he ran away.
A nony Mouse

Aleisha Simpson said...

I'm an animal person because It doesn't matter when, where, what type of dog or the amount of slobber it has I will always let it jump all over me, kiss me, lick me, play with me, give me love and it's no problems! The amount of jobs I do to people's houses with dogs and they freak yelling "Brutus!! Calm down, get away from her!" and I'm like no no no I am an animal person, he can jump all over me no problems! One day I will have a big property taking lots of dogs from the pound and looking after them myself so they don't go to doggy heaven =(

Aleisha =)

Mrs BC said...

I am absolutely an animal person, I think animals have a better moral compass that many humans!

Pet Stores Melbourne said...

Great dog photography.

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