20 January, 2012


I live for the weekends. I think we’ve pretty much established that. Not that I don’t love my job. But you know, weekends = cool stuff, fun times.

This weekend is going to be the perfect mix of fun and relaxation. That’s the ideal kinda weekend in my book.

Tonight The Man and I are going out to dinner for Mexican. Mexican is one of my top 2 most favourite foods. Because of my healthy eating plan, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had some good Mexican. But I’m allowed one “cheat” day a week. Tonight will be it. Bring on the cheese!! We plan to have a long, leisurely dinner then head home and snuggle up in bed and watch some movies. Ahh, bliss.

Saturday I’m sure we’ll have a nice sleep in and take our time getting up, having breakfast and getting dressed. I love those mornings when you sit around in your pjs for ages just drinking coffee. Then in the evening we’re going to the movies to see The Muppets Movie! I am so excited!! I LOVE the Muppets. Correction, WE love the Muppets! We’ve spent many a night watching them on youtube and giggling ourselves silly. It’s going to be great.

Then Sunday I’m off to the theatre to see Mary Poppins with my mum, my nan, my auntie and a couple of cousins. I am a total theatre tragic and it’s been ages since I’ve been so I can’t wait! I just love the thrill I get from seeing a live performance and it’ll be a nice girly day out so I’m going to wear a pretty dress and cute shoes.  Then it’ll be home to The Man for a nice casual dinner and a relaxing night of TV.

Yep, this weekend is gonna be pretty fun! And here’s some more fun – I Mad Men’d myself! Do you think this looks like me? Mmm mmm don't mind those men in the suits ;)

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Unknown said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! I also have had 'cheat'night and have scoffed Thai Green Curry. mmmm creamy goodness!
Have a great time at the theatre and giggle yourself silly with The Muppets.

Mrs BC said...

It would look like you if the top was lower cut:)
have a WONDERFUL weekend, it sounds like you have some amazing things lined up!

Sheri Bomb said...

Thanks Lady Daa Doo is was great! And aren't cheat days the best!? ;)

Mrs BC well I do declare! What are you trying to say!? ;)

Anonymous said...

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