22 May, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday: The 'Big Sis Pops Her Cherry' Edition

On Saturday I had a very fun morning taking my big sister to get her very first tattoo. She’s wanted one for a while now, especially as she saw me getting more and more over time. But even she admits that she’s a total wuss and it was her abject fear of pain that had been holding her back.

After talking about it for a long time, asking me lots of questions and umming and ahhing over the design, she finally summoned the courage to get it done. She decided on a Celtic tree of life, a dedication to a very close friend who has passed and a symbol of her love for my brother-in-law.

This was her 'trying not to freak out' face

Not really my style of tattoo, I respect the meaning behind it. Not normally Mimsy’s style either, she did us both a big favour by agreeing to tattoo it. Afterall, I think Mimsy is the only tattoo artist who would have been willing to put up with my sister! :P

Aside from being terrified that she’d cry or wouldn’t be able to keep still or wouldn’t be able to handle the pain and would end up with a half-finished tattoo, she mustered up the courage to attend her appointment on Saturday (although I did take her there – there was no getting away!)

Mimsy gettin it done

I’d like to say she was brave…well, she managed to get it finished so that’s something I guess! It was a real roller coaster ride of emotions as she blinked back tears as it came time for the moment of truth where needle was to pierce skin (just breathe).

Which quickly turned to shock as she realised it didn’t hurt near as much as she thought it would (told you so) to constant yelps of pain as the calligraphy style of the design called for a thicker needle (that’s the one I get ALL mine done with ya big sook) to complete and utter relief and pride when it was all over (sorry for laughing at you so much, at least I didn’t post the sneaky video I recorded)

In the end, it's ALWAYS worth the pain

She was equally better than I thought she’d be and worse than I thought she’d be at times and Mimsy was extremely nice and very patient (and probably very glad it was a small and simple tattoo!) Even though she didn’t handle it with quite as much restraint as I had expected, I’m so proud of her for facing her fears to get something she really wanted.

Seriously though, this is the same girl who shaved her head for a cure a few years ago! Now THAT takes balls…I could NEVER do that! So I guess we’re even(ish) in the chicken stakes.

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