02 May, 2012

Off Our Chops!

Sunday afternoon saw us drag ourselves out the back of the car which had served as our bed for the night and home from the tiki party to quickly get ready to rock at Morningside RSL for another fantastic Rockin USA show put on by driving force and soul of the local rockabilly scene, Lori Lee Cash.

With some sweet rides parked out the front, we stepped through the front doors to the twangin sounds of Corn Liquor. Distracted by the bar and the many stalls at the entrance, these guys provided a great soundtrack as we browsed clothes, accessories, vintage wares, records and magazines and got caught up with all the lucky ducks who'd only recently got back from Vegas.

The Ten Fours were just warming up as we made our way into the band room and as usual these guys delivered a riotous set. Lots of old faves and it was so great to see these guys back on stage together and doing what they do so well after a little break. They had the dancefloor choc-a-block for all the fast stuff and I think I saw every female in the room do a collective swoon when they delivered a goosebump-worthy cover of Still As The Night which I can only assume was for the benefit of Mimsy and I as we love it so!

A short break filled with some cool tunes to keep the atmosphere going by DJ Leapin' Lawrie and then it was the moment we'd all been waiting for. Time for The Chop Tops to take the stage, all the way from California in the good old US of A. Before this gig I wasn't as familiar with their music as I should have been but in the lead up to Sunday I had been checking out their stuff online and was totally amped to see these guys live! Their unique brand of 'revved up rockabilly' is a hard and fast fusion of rockabilly, punk, surf, and psychobilly - all the good stuff really!

It's safe to say these guys didn't disappoint! Just a few songs into their set and they were already getting their kit off! Lead vocals and stand up drummer Sinner threw his already sweaty shirt into the crowd and I thought we were going to have a catfight on our hands! These sharp looking fellas were a triple threat - they had the looks, they had the personality and they could certainly play! Their patter and audience interaction was great and they had the crowd in the palm of their hands in about 10 seconds flat!

They sure had us gals in a tizzy and it was such a joy to see REAL musicians up there onstage punishing their instruments and giving it their all. THAT'S what live music is all about. It just gives you this feeling in your chest and you know in that moment there truly isn't anywhere else you want to be. I could easily have listened to at least 2 more sets from these guys (did they ever have to stop playing?) but they put so much heart and soul into their performance that unfortunately as all good things must come to an end, their set eventually had to wrap up. But not before they made the entire room fall in love.

To top it all off, these guys have to be some of the nicest people I have ever met! They gave away heaps of merch throughout their set and were happy to pose for pictures, sign merch and just generally hang out with their adoring public. Unfortunately by the time we got through the crowd at the merch table, all the CDs were already sold out - sold out before they even finished their set apparently and really who could blame them? But Sinner was such a lovely, friendly guy he didn't want us to go away empty handed so he stuffed 2 badges, 2 patches, 2 stickers and a promo poster into our hands. What a guy!

I don't normally like to speak on behalf of everyone but I feel very safe in saying we'd be happy to have them back any day! In fact, they left to fly back home yesterday morning and I'm a little sad. Although Sinner did say we can look forward to hanging out and seeing them play again next year...when I get to Vegas baby!

Y'all come back now ya hear?

**Also, big thanks to Robot Productions, Pix by Pete and Rob Adomaitis for allowing me to use their images - I was having SO much fun I totally forgot to take any pics!**

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