10 May, 2012

GB&G12: Soap Box Derby

Carring on from yesterday's wrap up of the Friday Night Rockabilly Ball, we were up early on Saturday morning to join the ranks nursing sore heads that lined the hill at the corner of Curtis and Long Roads for one of the most fun events of the weekend. To have so many people willing to battle their hangovers and lack of sleep to enjoy this event so early in the morning is a testament to how well-loved this event has become and it’s a credit to Paul and Amanda for bringing back the good clean fun of such an old and cherished sport.

The 'Christmas Tree' built by the talented B Hill Electrical
There were all manner of hot rods, barrels, bathtubs and contraptions which had been turned into racing machines and while the work that had so obviously gone into some was impressive, the clapped out ratters that looked like death was just a millimetre away were just as well-received. After the kids had their runs first (albeit down a slightly smaller slope) it was time for the best entertainment of the day.

So many different styles and techniques

Seeing grown men steering their home made karts flying down the hill at warp speed (or not, some were not as…errr…shall we say ‘aerodynamic’ as others and were, well let’s face it…dragging ass) has got be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. There were speed wobbles, fist pumping, thrills, spills and that great big hill! There was really only one significant stack this year and thankfully the driver managed to get himself back on track.

Our boys racers

I was very proud to watch some of our boys race including Brenton, Mick, Turtle and Marty who all did great! Brenton (Hilly) and Turtle (Tiki Bus) seemed to have improved their speed and style since last year and first timers Mick (The Grey Wiggle) and Marty (Trucker Mobile) both had great runs. Although none of them placed they did a damn fine job and Brenton was lucky enough to score one of the awesome looking trophies for a lifetime achievement award!

THE Brenton Hill with THE trophy
After a great round of heats it was off to the Mount Tambourine Brewery for refreshments, trophy presentations and some great entertainment from ACT act The Fuellers who took us well into the afternoon. If you didn’t manage to drag yourself out of bed for this event, you REALLY missed out! And here’s just some of the fun you missed out on.

All I can say is, look out next year! There are big things in the pipeline I hear...

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