23 May, 2012

A Kind Of State of Mind

Asking for something. At times it can be difficult. Help. Support. Charity. Affection. Ask and you shall receive. Or so they say.

But is it wrong to not want to always have to ask? To want that thing you need to just be given to you? Granted people aren't mind readers, but sometimes things can mean so much more unprompted.

Is it unfair to hope someone would just know, just do?

It's not like you blame these people, feel as though they SHOULD know and do. But this little part of you, just quietly secretly hopes that they will pick up on something. A tone. A gesture. And suddenly it all becomes clear.

Of course that's what they need. Here I come to their rescue.

It might not even be a 'thing' you need. Just a chance. An open line of communication. The opportunity to purge emotions. Like a big deep exhale. Releasing those inner feelings, sending them on their way into the breeze.

You and them, both now free.

Sometimes there's things you want to say but you don't know how to start or bringing it up is difficult. Start a conversation with someone today. Despite how things may seem, not everyone can be strong all the time. Make sure you're not expecting them to be.

Make sure you're not expecting yourself to be.

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