11 May, 2012

GB&G12: Saturday Night Rockabilly Meltdown

After such a fun afternoon at the Mount Tambourine Brewery and Soap Box Derby it was difficult to tear myself away for the briefing session for the Pin Up Competition. Running out of time, I really must sincerely thank the always stunning Miss Elisse for pulling me together and doing such a fabulous job on my hair and makeup.

Can you believe this is the only picture we got together!?

She had me looking pin up stage mum ready in no time and I was so excited to wear what has now become known as THAT dress. As a vintage lover but a gal who finds it hard to find vintage that fits or suits, owning and wearing this amazing 50s Magnin & Co fully sequined iridescent hourglass sweater crochet cocktail dress and matching shawl was a very exciting event indeed!

Arriving at the Vonda Youngman Centre there was barely time for a photograph before I headed backstage to help the bevvy of beauties who were to be competing in the night’s pin up competition. There was so much primping and preening going on in that backstage dressing room and although there were a few nerves and butterfly tummies, the girls were absolutely lovely and pleasure to work with.

The most girlie fun you can have and some of the nicest ladies you could have it with!

While backstage we could hear the swingin hillbilly sounds of Warren Earl & The Atomic Rockers all the way from Victoria. My toes were a-tappin to the jazzed up blues, rockabilly and early country rock ‘n’ roll of these boys and I can only imagine that the dancefloor must have been packed!!

I dare YOU to pick one! I'll take them all ;)

Then it was time all the girls (and all the guys out in the crowd too I’m sure!) had all been waiting for – their chance to take to the stage and strut their stuff! Ange and I were ‘stage mums’ and stood off to the side helping the ladies with their props, giving them their cues and just generally trying to calm their nerves and I was SO proud as they each took their turns on the stage to dazzle the audience. I do not envy the judges a single bit as that has to be hands down the hardest job! All the girls were completely gorgeous and had adorable routines to boot! I honestly don’t know how I would have chosen.

Crazy lil man with a great big guitar
After the girls were crowned their titles, Western Australian favourite The Rusty Pinto Combo took to the stage and had everyone captivated. Swooning girls are a regular sight at Mr Pinto’s shows but Rusty is a real man’s man as well so there were plenty of bromances going on as well. With his distinctive jump blues style, Rusty had the crowd pumped and on their feet and I was more than delighted when he played two of my favourites – Lonesome and Crossroads.


Next up, straight outta New South Wales were Wes Pudsey’s Hollywood Hombres a groovin, rhythmic outfit that combine the infectiousness of blues, swing and boogie woogie with a wild beat and the unique addition of a saxophone. These guys gave an energetic performance and were burning up the dance floor with an exciting new sound that still remains true to authentic RnB.

Treated to a whole new set!

Once again, special guests all the way from Austria/Switzerland Mars Attacks took to the stage for their final performance of the festival. Shaking things up with more of their original material, these guys had the punters crowded around the front of stage and were a fitting end to the two big nights of entertainment. The atmosphere was electric and even as the festivities ended, there were still so many people milling around wanting to thank each artist for their fantastic performances and avoiding heading home, not wanting the night’s fun to end.

It was a magical night filled with so many special moments and as we headed in for the night, as much as I didn’t want it to end, I knew we’d be needing some rest for the big day we had ahead of us tomorrow at the Hot Rod Carnival.

And boy am I glad I did because the Hot Rod Carnival turned out to be even better and WAY bigger than last year!

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