16 May, 2012

The 5 Year Plan

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In 6 weeks I'll be 24 and with so many changes going on in my life right now and the impending big trip to the US, I’ve been thinking about where my little path may be leading and the things that I hope for myself in the coming years.

I’ve managed to nail it down to this…
  • Visit the US – have my mind blown & realise a new perspective on the world
  • Come back from the US – yep that’s a goal, I know I’m not going to want to leave
  • Blog about EVERYTHING – share all my amazing US stories & dig deeper in general
  • Work hard – continue to enjoy my job while hopefully earning a little more
  • Keep saving – enjoy financial freedom while I don’t have any debt
  • Invest in happiness – GET MY VERY OWN LITTLE LOVEABLE PUG!!
  • Keep making dreams a reality – look into buying an ‘old car’ before I lock myself into serious debt
  • Knuckle down on saving – I really want a place of my own
  • Get serious – remember my priorities & don’t be distracted by meaningless crap
  • Commit – understand present sacrifice for long term gain & save hard for my own place
  • Learn – take the plunge & learn as I go through the process of finding & buying my own place
  • DECORATE – enjoy the simple pleasure of designing & decorating my own space the way I want it
  • Enjoy – look back on what I have achieved & allow myself to be proud

Notice there’s no mention of finding a man, settling down, having kids or any of that stuff? Settling down and having kids is still way WAAAAY off – and that’s if it ever happens! Finding a man? Meh, who knows what the next few years will bring but I’m not even thinking about it.

This time is for me.

And don’t worry, I’m not going and getting all serious boring grown up here – there are still days when I feel exactly like this…

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