10 October, 2011

Johnny Cash Tribute VIII

Well it’s no surprise that the Johnny Cash Tribute was a huge success but before I get into the details of the night, there’s something I need to get off my chest. A confession. I am a rockabilly gal through and through and I love all the vintage fashion and hairstyles. You’ve seen my beehive tutorial. And yet…I can’t go victory rolls! Shock horror I know, any rockabilly girl worth her salt should be able to do this. It’s not for lack of trying! I’ve tried and tried many many times but have consistently failed miserably. I either run out of time or get so frustrated that I have to give up and do something else. But I’m VERY proud to say that for the first time EVER I successfully did victory rolls for Saturday night. And not just any victory rolls but GREAT victory rolls! They were perfect! I couldn’t believe it and everyone was complimenting me on them not knowing this was the first time I had ever done them. I’m not sure what changed, I think something just clicked in my head and I finally mastered it.

The Mean Eyed Cats were the house band for the night, an all-star line-up or dream team if you will featuring Dan Dualtones (Guitar), Jon Flynn (Upright Bass) and Mark Stephens (Drums). Making the music for the night, the Cats backed up a revolving bill of talented musicians paying homage to The Man In Black with a little of June Carter Cash thrown in for good measure. Junior (The Jim Rockfords) kicked things off with a bang! This guy plays a mean harmonica but it was such a treat to hear his vocals, particularly in the JC style as he has such an amazing voice. Miss Teresa (Miss Teresa & Her Rythmaires) was up next and she sounded fantastic as always, despite apparently being quite sick although if someone hadn’t told me I’d never have known.

Paulie (Paulie & His Crazy Rhythm Boys, The Ten Fours) played a great set and covered some of JC’s less ‘famous’ tunes including one of his gospel songs which although I’m not religious by any means, I loved. Its such happy music and Mimsy and I were standing up front being backup singers haha. Another that I really enjoyed was Michael, who performs under the name Errol Ray (his father’s name) and this guy really dropped my jaw. A super nice guy, I’d met him only once before and had not yet had the pleasure of seeing him play but I was extremely impressed with his set and absolutely LOVED hearing him play! I also got to meet his wife this time and they are just the loveliest people. I really hope I see them around much more often.

Next up was Mitchy Mayhem (The Mayhem County Boys, The Ten Fours) who as usual, totally owned the stage! I always love watching Mitchy play but I love the passion with which he plays on nights like these. Playing all the favourites, he finished up his set with a cover of Jackson featuring Emma (The Sugarshakers) which he made a beautiful dedication to my man’s sister who we lost to cancer a few weeks ago. It was such a sweet and meaningful dedication and a fantastic performance which brought tears to my eyes. I also know how much it meant to my man and I can’t thank Mitchy enough. As a huge fan of Johnny Cash, his sister was hoping to make it to the show but unfortunately she passed away before she could. Jackson was a meaningful song for her and my man and it was such a beautiful moment as we were celebrating the night in her honor.

Pony (The Ten Fours) also unleashed a blazing set featuring one of my favourites, Cocaine Blues and I couldn’t help but squeal myself silly. I have a real soft spot for Pony and The Ten Fours because apart from being some of the nicest and most talented guys I’ve ever had the pleasure to know, they were also the very first rockabilly band I ever saw live when I first started getting into the scene. Doug (Doug Wilshire & The Tailspinners) finished up the night on a high before a roof-raising cover of Folsom Prison Blues which saw all the performers back up on stage for one last song together. It was also great to see event organiser Lori Lee up there for the finale getting just a small slice of the appreciation she deserves.

There was so much love and respect in the room on the night, everyone was in high spirits and you could really feel how grateful everyone was for Johnny Cash and the amazing music he made. This event is always special for the muso’s as well as JC is definitely one of their biggest influences and you can see how much they love honouring him and his music. But I have to say, I was feeling A LOT of love and respect for Lori Lee that night too and I made a point of telling her so. She works so hard to organise most of Brisbane’s rockabilly gigs and all of the major events and the rockabilly scene here would be nowhere near what it is if it wasn’t for her so a big BIG thank you goes out to her.

I had nominated myself as the designated driver that night but once I got there I started having way too much fun and decided to leave my car there and get a lift home with another friend so I could keep enjoying a few more drinks. I’m so glad I did because I had such a fantastic night! If you’re in Brisbane and you missed out that’s a real shame because you’ll have to wait a whole ‘nother year for the next one but I recommend keeping your eyes open for next year, this really is an event not to be missed. Even if you’re not into rockabilly, Johnny Cash has and will continue to inspire so many musicians over the years and this is a great way to honour him.

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Mrs BC said...

Sounds like you had an awesome night! Congrats on the victory rolls mastery, I keep mine around my middle ;-)

Sheri Bomb said...

hahaha Thanks Mrs BC! Was a great night...I wish it didn't have to end :(

StrippedBareAU said...

This is what I hate about living where I do. I would of totally loved this... I have only heard one decent rockabilly band in tsv and that was at the market and I have been trying to find them to no luck. Sigh... I also kinda want to steal your wardrobe. All my pinup style dresses are too small and I sold them but that just means I get to buy more right)

Sarah said...

Your hair is just awesomesauce! It sounds like a fab night was had.

Sheri Bomb said...

Aw Nat, come to Brisbane! ;) And you are SO right, selling your clothes means you get to buy more!! And as usual, I still think I have 'no clothes' haha

Sarah, thank you! I was pretty damn pleased with myself...will just have to see if I can actually do it again haha I certainly had an awesome night :D

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