21 October, 2011

A Childhood Dream Come True

You may remember a little while ago I mentioned I had some really cool news surrounding a good cause I was invited to be a part of? Well I’m about to set the wheels in motion this weekend and I’m so excited because not only am I helping out a very worthy charity but I pretty much get to make a childhood dream come true!

A month or so ago I was contacted, inviting me to be a part of a charity pin up calendar for Save a Horse Australia (SAHA). The calendar, which will be titled Pin Ups for Ponies, is to raise much needed funds for a horse rescue and sanctuary based in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Established by Amanda Vella, SAHA fosters unwanted, neglected, abused and slaughter-bound horses while they undergo intense and loving rehabilitation before they are adopted out to perfect forever homes.

I am a HUGE animal lover and some of the pictures of the state of these horses when they first turn up to SAHA is absolutely heartbreaking, there is just no other word for it. But the work the volunteers and carers do is nothing short of amazing and to see these beautiful creatures turn into healthy, happy horses getting the love and care that they deserve is the best thing ever.

Like most little girls, when I was younger I was obsessed with horses and wanted one very badly. Unfortunately my family had neither the means nor the space for me to have a pet horse or pony and my only experience with them was a couple of short rides at fairs and on the tail end of a friend’s lesson. So to be given the opportunity to get dressed up, play with horses and ponies for a day and at the same time help raise money for their care and rehabilitation is more than I could ask for.

Saturday I will be up early to get photo ready and drive the hour or so to the property where I’ll spend the morning having fun and being photographed on and with the horses. I can’t wait, it’s going to be so much fun! I really can’t say how happy I am to be involved in such a great cause that is so close to my heart.

The printing costs are still being finalised so I don’t have a definite price on the calendars just yet but rest assured they will be affordable, plus because they’re for charity they’ll also be tax deductible! So if you’re one of those people who like to get in early and get yourself organised with a calendar for next year (like my Mum) then hold off just a little longer!

The calendars should be available for purchase by late November and will be family-friendly so not too raunchy, work-safe, wife-safe and kid-safe. Look out for me in the month of July, which may also happen to be my birthday month, and support this excellent cause. Without the support of local businesses, volunteers and donations SAHA can’t rescue as many horses as they do. If you’re in a position to also make a one-off or an ongoing weekly donation, please visit the SAHA website.

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Tony said...

Good on You! Sheri:) Hope you have a lot of fun tomorrow, look forward to getting a calender.
Let me know when the limited edition R rated one comes out :P

Sheri Bomb said...

Well I never! I thought you knew I'm not that kind of girl! :P

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