26 July, 2012

The Best Kind Of Poor You Can Be

Well, I'm pretty poor right now. There'll be no extras or going out for dinner or clothes shopping for me for a while. My bank account is looking pretty darn drained. But I don't mind, because...


I will be in this!

I'm pretty excited! Can you tell? Now that they are taken care of it's one of the biggest chunks of spending out of the way. We've already got our first 10 nights in Vegas taken care of as well as a few other things so there's only a couple of bits and pieces left to take care of and then from then on it's all just spending money baby!

You know what else it means? IT'S REALLY HAPPENING! No going back now, no easy cancellation of hotels, no nothing. It's locked in Eddie! In 8 months, I'll be in America! ERMAHGERD!!!

This will be me!

In other news, we're also going for longer now. Previously we were planning on going for about 2 and a half weeks but we've upped it to 3 and a half weeks now. Really, I think we were kidding ourselves to think that we'd be able to cram in everything we are planning on doing in a bit over 2 weeks. So 3 and a half weeks should do it...sort of. There's lots we want to do.

Now I'm just enjoying the feeling of excitement but when I actually booked the flight, as excited as I was I also kind of had this heart stopping moment. I kinda freaked out a little bit. Like, shit just got real. It's just that it's the biggest holiday I've ever been on, certainly the most expensive and also the most life changing.

I just had that heart thumping moment of 'I just booked and paid for an experience that is going to change my life forever in so many different ways'. GULP. It was just a short-lived moment of panic, that slight tilting feeling of knowing you have just permanently altered the course of your life. You've all felt that before, right?

What was your OMG, life-changing, panic moment? Did it work out in the end?

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