02 July, 2012

Gosh Your Fit But Don't You Just Know It

Well, do you?

It seems like everywhere I look people are trying to ramp up their fitness, me included. I think it's great! It's so important to be healthy and The Man and I are in 'training' for all the full on fun, late nights, endless dancing and fried food in the US next year.

But it's not always easy sticking to a new lifestyle of more exercise and healthier food. Lately I have found myself slipping. Being a little too 'generous' in my portion sizes, a little less vigilant on nutritional content and a little too unmotivated when it comes to exercising.

It only takes one bad week to get me freaking out. All the good work I've done becomes invisible to my eyes and my self-esteem and suddenly I feel like I've fallen. Far.

But I haven't. And all I have to do is get back up, dust myself off and jump right back on the wagon and I'm on my way again. I just have to remember that. It can be easy to forget and sometimes I am much too hard on myself. Expecting a lot from myself.

But you know what? I'm doing good. And to all of us who are making an effort to be healthier, happier versions of ourselves I salute you! Because it's never easy, but especially in winter.

So yay for us! We rock! And come summer...damn we're gonna be HOT!

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