09 July, 2012

Birthday Weekend Wrap Up

Thanks Rhea & Chuck for my sexy new duds, thanks family for that DIVINE watch, thanks Mum for the yummy smelly stuff and THANKS KRASH & VICKI for my one of a kind piece of super cool Krash art (haha Wally I got mine first!)

Well for a ‘low key’ birthday this year, it sure was a goodun!

It started with birthday donuts and the cutest barking doggie birthday card on Wednesday night and went until a VERY lazy (read slightly hungover) Sunday evening.

Thursday was my actual birthday and even though I worked it was still a nice day as I was inundated with lovely messages via phone, text and Facebook. Thursday night I did the family thing and my brother-in-law proved just how much he loves me by cooking an amazing roast pork dinner in the middle of the week! Dinner was delish and my sister topped it off with red velvet birthday cupcakes.

Friday was cake day at work and then home for a chilled out night of beers, a Mexican feast and an awesome massage…ahhhhh. Then Saturday we were up and headed out to Krash’s Tiki HQ out at Jimboomba. As far as I was aware it was just a BBQ.

HAHA but seriously, how awesome did we do!?!
Well it was, kind of. But there was HEAPS of amazing food and a killer tropical tiki rum punch involving lots of Sailor Jerry Rum, coconut liquor, tropical juice, dry ginger and fruit. Turns out it wasn’t just any old BBQ, we got to help paint a mural in the tiki area!! SO MUCH FUN!!! I also got an awesome gift from Vicki and Krash (who also happens to be an amazing pin striper, tiki carver and all round artist). A hand-carved flamingo mounted on furry leopard print!!! It is by far one of the coolest things that now resides in my house! I love it so much, I am such a lucky girl!!

The punch really packed a punch so it was a pretty slow start to Sunday morning but a greasy breakfast made us feel human again and we slowly headed home to a lazy TV day. It was a wonderful few days of birthday celebrations and is the last birthday I will ever spend as someone who’s never been to the US!!

Oh yeah, I also got a tattoo as a present from The Man…but more on that tomorrow ;)

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