04 July, 2012

But Ya Gotta Have Friends

Friends are so important. MY friends are amazing. Yours probably are too, that's why you're friends with them. But I happen to think I've been blessed with some of the most amazing friends on the planet. I'm a very lucky girl.

Apart from the fact that my friends are just plain old good people to their core they do wonderful things. For charities, for animals, for the world, for other friends, for themselves and for me. They are kind and loyal and giving and smart and good looking and hilarious and caring and talented and cool.

There's a lot to love! But the thing I love most about my friends is that we are affectionate. We kiss and hug hello and goodbye.

I love this!

Not that annoying over the top hello dah-ling! kind of faffing around. It's real. Friends mean a lot and there is a special kind of love there. One that should be expressed. Time's a'waistin. You never know what life will bring, so it's important that you show those you care about just how you feel.

I think it's really important. And it's so lovely to know that I've got these amazing people in my life. That they've got my back when I need it. Will pick me up when I need it. And that I'm there for them when they need me. Today I am thinking a lot about some very special friends of mine and hoping that the universe brings them what they deserve.

I'm mentally sending lots of hugs and love their way. Do you hug and kiss your friends?

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