17 July, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday: The Manly Edition

This week's Tattoo Tuesday isn't spotlighting my tattoos (maybe next week if you're lucky hint hint) but rather The Man's! He's got a few pretty awesome larger pieces but some of my favourites he only got done in the last few weeks.

The Sailor Jerry anchor looks killer and was done by fledging tattoo artist Tilly Lace on the inside of his right forearm. Sadly, the picture doesn't do it justice but it sincerely looks AMAZING!! Note the colour scheme? Why yes, it is the same as that of my 'Lucky' tattoo. Copycat :P

The 'Storm in a Shark Mug' was also done by the talented Tilly Lace in the Trailer Trash Tattoo studio under the anchor on the inside of The Man's right wrist. I reckon it's total old school cool! I especially love the lightening bolts and the design is a Tilly Lace original with a few slight modifications by The Man.

The 'Lucky 13 Dagger' was done, you guessed it, last Friday 13th by Warren 'Wozza' Rigby at his studio Vision Skin Tattoo. For a measely $30 you had your pick of 13-themed flash as is tattoo tradition on this superstitious day. And how freakin AWESOME is that tat!? I LOVE it!! It's fairly small and runs down the outside of The Man's right arm from the wrist. You should see it in real life, such fine lines and detail!! It ROCKS!!

So there you have it, the first guest spot on Tattoo Tuesday and something a little less girly for the guys out there.

Do you like the old school tattoo style?

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Anonymous said...

The old school tattoo style is AMAZING!! I am getting my first tattoo of hopefully many in a couple of weeks done by the WONDERFULLY TALENTED Mimsy.

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