22 July, 2011

The MacGyver of Fashion

I am what one might call ‘resourceful’ when it comes to fashion. I don’t like spending too much money on my clothes as I seem to lose interest in them rather quickly. I have a couple of ‘big ticket’ items that I love, but they are special. Like my Kitten D’Amour  (formerly Sex Kitten) $350 dress and an amazing waist cincher I bought from Puritan $450 that can be worn inside or out of your clothes.

But that’s about it. I get bored easily. So I buy cheaper clothes that won’t hurt when they end up shoved to the bottom of the drawer. I measure my shopping success by the bargains that I find. I like to take risks. Mix it up. Break the rules. I wore a silk pyjama shirt to work. I wore a satin pyjama top out to dinner. I once used a paper clip to fix a belt. I still use that paper clip to this day. True story.

Which leads me to only one logical conclusion. I am the MacGyver of fashion. The Chuck Norris of the clothing world. The John Rambo of the apparel scene. I don’t like to sew. I’m not good at it. I wish I could make my own clothes but I don’t have the skills or patience. So my long pants are a bit too long? WWMD? Use a million safety pins to create a cuff or better yet, let them drag occasionally walking on them as I kick ass. Because that is what MacGyver would do.

I can see this resourcefulness working its way into other aspects of my life. Most recently involving a pair of sunglasses and superglue. A notepad and packing tape. Ain’t nothin I can’t do with a rubber band. I can only assume this is the logical next step.

Ah, livin and lovin the simple life

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Sarah said...

Ha. That's awesome! I've MacGyvered some clothes in my life but never a chickens arse.

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