20 July, 2011

A Vintage Affair: Part 2 - The Click Clack Lounge

Ok so Monday we talked about how to look like a vintage bombshell and today I’ll be spilling the secret on how to live like a vintage bombshell.

The Click Clack Lounge is located inside Atomic Martini Vintage and specialises in all kinds of retro and vintage home wares, furniture, knick knacks, artwork and general treasures. Originally starting out as a smaller stall at the Woolloongabba Antiques Centre, Miss Karie’s client base quickly grew and with such a high demand, she was left with no other option than to hit the big leagues and open up her own shop. Joy!

With everything from classic B-Grade ‘chick flicks’ to pin up books, kitsch prints, velvet paintings, atomic glass wear, fabulous lamps, beautiful dinner sets, canisters, original barkcloth, lounge suites and more, The Click Clack Lounge has everything you need to transform your humble abode into a dazzling retro room that will be a conversation piece in itself.

To be totally honest, I would almost go to the shop just to hang out with this lady! Her effervescent personality is absolutely contagious and as you leave the shop you’ll be on an endorphin high, even if you didn’t end up buying. She is so helpful and has such a keen eye for retro and vintage design that even from the barest descriptions she can recommend a style, piece or total room décor.

And the best thing about Miss Karie and her Click Clack Lounge is that she sources all of the pieces herself. Some have come from her private collection and others are sourced from other retro and vintage collectors and enthusiasts, many of which Miss Karie has known for a long time so not only are you assured of getting a quality piece that has come from a loving home, you’ll also be treated to all the charming stories that come with owning vintage with a colourful, interesting and often entertaining history.

Spend just a moment chatting with Miss Karie and one thing becomes very clear – vintage and retro is a deep personal passion for her. Looking like she’s just stepped out of the pages of a 50s magazine, Miss Karie practically glows with the pleasure that collecting, buying and selling vintage obviously gives her. Committed to sharing her passion with everyone and helping vintage virgins and veterans alike, she is more than willing to offer her own valuable styling experience and advice.

In the disposable society we have come to live in, recycling and continuing to love these beautiful vintage pieces that were made to last is a great way to do your bit for the environment and sure beats having a shorter shower in my book! If there is something in particular you are looking for, come in and have a chat with Miss Karie at The Click Clack Lounge. She most probably already has it waiting for you and if not, she is more than happy to take an expedition to all of her top secret vintage haunts to find it for you.

A big thank you to Miss Lisa and Miss Karie for allowing me into their vintage wonderlands. It was a Saturday well spent although with everything I spotted I’m quite sure that will turn into money well spent. These are two of the loveliest, friendliest, most helpful, fabulous ladies I have ever met and I only wish that every shopping experience could be like this!

The Click Clack Lounge 0407 418 413

491A Lutwyche Rd, Lutwyche QLD 4030

Open Wed – Fri: 10am – 6pm Sat: 10am – 4pm

Other times by appointment

You can also find her at theclick-clacklounge@bigpond.com and on facebook

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Natasha said...

what a lovely store!! Oh how I wish every thing in my apartment could be vintage!

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