27 July, 2011


Things a have been a little crazy this week. Lots getting done in preparation for heading to Melbourne on Friday morning and a slight deviation in content on Monday because of some of the events that transpired over the weekend.

But aside from some of the sadder events that occurred over the weekend, there was also a really great event that occurred. Another blog meet with Hello Blogger Events! A lovely, relaxed little catch up and ice breaker with some delicious food at Wagamama Chermside in the lead up to Blogopolis.

Images thanks to Dani
 Kirsty, Kelvin (Mr Suger), Suger, Me, Hayley, Alison, Zoe, Ben and Dani.

There were quite a few familiar faces and a couple of new ones, which was great to meet new people. It was a really laid back meet with people coming and going all the time, which was both good and bad. Good that it kept things fresh, but bad in that I had skipped breakfast and was STARVING and therefore was a little more interested in getting food than socialising. Whoopsie!

Hayley, the beautiful birthday girl & I - whoops, boobage!

The biggest news of the meet was that I FINALLY got to meet Suger! She was supposed to be at the very first blog meet I went to but a last minute change of plans meant she missed out. Total bummer. We first started talking after I responded to her request for guest posters and pretty much straight away it was like we already knew each other. You know when you talk to someone and you just know you’re gonna be friends? Yeah, that’s us. I mean come on, first time she met me and straight away she touched my hair. Now normally that would freak me out. But no, I felt like a kitty cat.

Suger has everyone enthralled

I can tell her and I are going to get up to mischief this Friday night at the Hello Events Pre-Blogopolis Drinks.
Which brings me to the end (ish) of this post. I have been running around like crazy this week in between actually working (sort of) trying to get myself sorted for Melbourne this weekend. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned HOW EXCITED I AM!? Ok, maybe I have…a few thousand times.

So this week has been about organising but mostly glamourising. My poor neglected (read trashy) hair is now back to it’s soft, bright, shiny self. My brows, which were so bad I previously had been styling them each day so as not to look like I had hairy caterpillars invading my face, are now beautifully shaped and looking pretty sexy if I do say so myself. I also got eyelash extensions, they came as part of a package and I thought it would be an interesting and new experience. Pretty quick considering, totally painless and no less irritating than having your lashes tinted but fantastic results! I always wear a fair bit of mascara because I’m a sucker for dramatic lashes but with these babies I don’t need it! That’s an extra 10 minutes in bed. YES!

So tonight I’m home packing and trying not to be too excited to sleep and also not forget anything. Luckily I have a big suitcase so I’ll be leaving plenty of room for all my shopping and maybe some prizes if I get lucky!

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Zoe said...

God i was starving too! Have fun this weekend!

frockandrollonline.com said...

I saw Dani's photos and the event looked like so much fun! I can't wait until the next Sydney shindig! :D

Beck said...

Looks like you had a great time.
Look forward to hopefully meeting you at blogopolis.

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