06 July, 2011

Hatchday Happenings

What a lovely day I had yesterday for my birthday! A big thank you to everyone for all the lovely messages you sent through I’m feeling very loved right now!

It started on Monday night…

Due to prior commitments and our schedules not working in with each other’s the boyfriend and I weren’t actually going to be able to see each this week. So he fussed over me and spoilt me all weekend and wouldn’t let me pay for a single thing! I also got a nice, relaxing birthday massage. But come Sunday night, I thought he would pull out a little something. I was waiting and waiting with anticipation…and I kept on waiting. We went to bed Sunday night and I thought ‘hmm ok, he must be going to get up early in the morning before I go to work’. Come Monday morning he was flat out in bed and I was a little disappointed. Then as I was having my breakfast he got up and I thought ‘ah hah here we go…’ but nothing. He gave me a hug and a kiss goodbye and sent me on my way. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit disappointed.

So Monday night when it was around the time we usually talk on the phone (I know, and you thought my life was exciting!) he called and we started chatting then out of the blue he said ‘do you want to let me in?’ I was like ‘HUH!?!?!’ so I raced downstairs and standing at my front door was my gorgeous man with a big bouquet of flowers. BEST. SURPRISE. EVER!!! He’s not really a ‘big surprise’ or ‘flowers’ man so I felt VERY special. Especially seeing as he drove all the way from his place (about 45 mins) just to come and see me for a couple of hours before he drove home again. What a lucky girl! We snuggled on my bed for a bit before he had to go home and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. He also slipped the cutest clipping of a pug dog into my card seeing as he couldn’t get me a real one. *sigh* he’s so dreamy! haha

So on Tuesday morning on my actual birthday I still had to get up for work but I had some lovely messages coming through like: Dad – Happy Birthday my baby girl, or is that Daddy’s Girl? (tattoo reference) hope you have a great day love Dad xxx and Mum – Happy Birthday Sheri, have a great day and don’t eat too much today, save yourself for dinner tonight love Mum & P.B (stands for Papa Bear, who is my stepdad) SO CUTE! I also got a nice but funny message from my stepmum reminding me it’s pretty much all downhill from here. At work I got to have my cake I’d been craving – Caramel Mudcake from the Cheesecake Shop (also known as heaven!)

 I was too busy cutting myself a slab of this to remember to get a pic before the vultures attacked!

After work I was straight around to my mum’s house for a bit more spoiling – she’s so cute! I walked into the house to this…


I got plenty of pressies…mostly money because that’s what I wanted, so I can buy a new camera and get some better photos for this blog!

I ended up with about $150 cash as well as some chocolates and this AWESOME purse from my friend Rhea. Seriously, leopard fur and red metal flake – what more could a girl want!?

After all the gift giving it was onto the meal – YUM! Seriously, I have been craving roast pork for months! So on special request, my mum made me a delicious meal of roast potato, carrots and pumpkin with a baked onion, plenty of soft juicy roast pork and yummy gravy. Of course being the birthday girl I got the biggest, best bit of crackling – OH YES!

Ok so perhaps I need to work on my food photography but that meal was AMAZING!

For dessert my sister and brother-in-law bought my other favourite, deep dish apple pie with a crumble top and creamy vanilla ice cream…I think I should have been born in the south! Haha

All in all a great birthday and I still have a few people to see! I’ll be catching up with my Dad and stepmum this coming weekend and I’m going to try and get to the shops before they shut today to get my new camera…I want a new toy to play with!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a GREAT birthday! Tops to the man for being so sweet :)
Hayley (our unique journey)

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