11 July, 2011

Liquor & Mayhem

Whilst the title of this blog post pretty much describes any given Friday night in my life, Friday night just gone in particular was a riot with The Mayhem County Boys and Corn Liquor at The Joynt.

Hands down one of my very favourite live music venues in Brisbane, The Joynt is a small indie bar in West End. Helping to keep the live music scene alive and kicking this quaint little venue is adorned with interesting artwork and fabulous Lynch prints (which we threaten to steal every time we’re there!) The friendly staff, cheap drinks and intimate atmosphere make for an awesome night out and when there’s a big turnout to support the rockabilly bands it can get pretty crowded but being packed in with a sweaty crowd is really what it’s all about and makes for some legendary rowdy sing-a-longs.

After some delicious Asian food for dinner we headed to The Joynt and grabbed a beer before descending into the melee that invariably occurs when going to a gig at The Joynt – it’s a popular place among us Rockabilly’s so there were plenty of people to catch up with.

Paulie showin' us what he can do

Mitchy Mayhem kicked off the night with his Mayhem County Boys also featuring Paulie Burke on the night. This talented trio swapped instruments again and again, each taking their turn to show off their skills and as they end of their set with one of those rowdy sing-a-longs to Ghost Riders in the Sky, they certainly had the crowd more than warmed up!

Pete Martini lookin' sharp as always

After a quick break Corn Liquor took to the stage and treated us to their signature guitar pickin’, bass slappin’, slack jawed yokel brand of western rockabilly. Headed by Pete Martini, these boys had us hollerin’ for more of the classics they do so well. And with so many muso’s in the house, they couldn’t let the occasion pass without getting Pony from The Ten Fours up for a roaring cover of Johnny Cash’s Cocaine Blues and of course, Mitchy Mayhem back up for a grand finale.

Joanie & Leanne - these girls are a HOOT!

And while all this was going on, the Corn Liquor fan club was down the front dancing their fine little tails off!

Sheri Sandwich!

You may have noticed my recount of the night is not quite as detailed as normal. That’s because a few drinks led to a few more drinks which led to…

Me & My Dee - so much love for this girl!

Oh shut up! Don't judge me!

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