01 July, 2011


DISCLAIMER: Boyfriend dearest, if you’re considering reading this post I suggest you don’t. However, if your curiosity overcomes you (I know it will) you are NOT allowed to rouse me for information contained herein. You may compliment me on my writing style, my excellent grasp of the English language or my razor sharp wit. Any feedback on the post whatsoever. But NO rousing. Kisses!

Now to it…

Is there such a thing as a blog-a-holic? There must be, because I am it.

Relatively new to the blogging word, I only got this baby up and running a little over a month ago. Before that I was content reading the odd blog post here and there when shared on facebook or relating to a topic I was interested in. But I had never actually ‘followed’ a blog or kept up to date on regular posters.

But now…I just can’t stop! A new blog? Yes please! I can post a link? Don’t mind if I do! Your website seems blog related? Of course I’d love to join! Your post even mildly interested me? Just stopping by to say hi!

It’s taking over my life!

Every waking minute (and sometimes in my dreams) I’m thinking about blogs and blogging. How can I market my blog? How can I drive more traffic? What will I blog about tomorrow? Must remember to take photos for my blog!

Even at work (bf look away!) just ‘sneaking a peek at my stats to see how I’m doing’ turns into a blog marathon, catching up on what’s been happening with the ones I follow and finding delicious little glimpses into someone else’s life or stumbling onto the gold that is finding a fantastic new blog to follow.

How quickly things can change!

I remember thinking not so long ago, this blogging thing was all a bit self-important. Too many bloggers with not enough interesting things to talk about. I’ll just start a little one to get my writing out there. I thought posting once a week was rather ambitious. Now I panic if I haven’t posted in a couple of days – because I know, what would you all do without my brilliance to read?

I never imagined blogging could become an all-consuming force in my life and yet, here I am blogging about blogging and being obsessed with blogging!

I’m Sheri, and I’m a blog-a-holic. You may all applaud now.

Tell me I’m not the only one?

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Melissa {Suger} said...

Haha. Great post. You most certainly are not the onl one! ;)

Zoe said...

I find I come in and out of the blogaholic state.. :P

Sarah said...

I might be able to relate to this. A lot:)

Actually I was the same, just happy to read and comment on other blogs.

Now I fear I am addicted. Not so good for somebody with a slightly compulsive personality like me! Love the word bubble pic.

~stinkb0mb~ said...

i used to be quite the blogoholic, not so much anymore. i used to follow well over 250 blogs and comment on them. they were mostly ttc [trying to conceive] blogs with some mummy blogs thrown in but since stepping away from that world, i've scaled back drastically how many blogs i follow.

i now follow what i enjoy reading and i blog when i have something to say, that mean several times a week or once a month.



Anonymous said...

What a funny post! Don't worry you are not alone :P
Hayley (our unique journey)

Mrs BC said...

Lol! Maybe we cold start a Bloggers Anonymous blog? You seem to have hit a nerve there! My ambition for my blog waxes & wanes.
Mostly waxes..

<----- MZ VICKI said...

hahhahaha I too am a member of bloggers anonymous. Well not really anonymous but you know what I mean! :)

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