20 August, 2015

GreazeFest: Sunday

As the final day of GreazeFest, Sunday always has an unusual yet enjoyable sense of exhaustion combined with the feeling of never wanting it to end. So with that in mind, I opted for comfort to see me through until the end of the festival and give my aching feet a break. We rocked up just in time to catch the end of The Sugarshakers on the indoor Rockhouse stage and by the time we’d grabbed a table, said our hellos and started on the first beer of the day, The Hi-Boys were already up. For an earlier morning time slot, these guys rocked it! I always love The Hi-Boys, they always put on such an energetic show and their music has that fast pace I like, with plenty of sinful sex appeal that would have 50s women clutching their pearls.
After we sweated up a storm getting down to The Hi-Boys, we kicked back with a cold one to the sweet yet slightly twisted hillbilly sounds of Hank’s Jalopy Demons. We were bopping in our seats to tracks like Shake-a-bop and Way Out and tapping away to some of their classics like King Kong and I’m Going Straight. I was especially pleased when they played one of my favourites of theirs, She’s Well Stacked. We considered popping out onto the oval to get another hit of The Detonators, but Labretta Suede was up next and I certainly didn’t want to miss that!
Labretta Suede and the Motel 6 were certainly a bit of a different act for GreazeFest, but it’s great to see Lori so on the ball when it comes to offering tunes for all types. My musical tastes are pretty diverse, so it was really cool to see such a unique and high voltage rock n roll act at GreazeFest. While I’m sure they weren’t to everyone’s tastes, the onstage antics of Labretta Suede, writing around in her tiger print latex lingerie was supremely entertaining. The Motel 6 were a wall of sound to back up that scratchy, smoky voice that just works and I’d describe their sound as a mix of The Cramps and The Detroit Cobras – pretty freakin cool!! I do think they would have benefitted more as a night time act when everyone was ready to rock out, but I think they did a great job and I’d love to see them again. No doubt a sleazy seedy bar would just add to the atmosphere.
Image by PIX by PETE
While Pat Capocci took to the indoor stage, we ventured out for one last lap around the oval, taking in the dusty, rusty rat rods and the shiny chrome and fins of the customs. Another great day of sunny weather meant that some of the rides were almost blinding in their brilliance as the sun reflected off the chrome and metal flake. Outside on the Hot Rod Stage , The Ten Fours played us out as we hurried inside to check out what was simply billed as the GreazeFest Super Group. With a name like that, we knew there would be something special in store for us and we weren’t wrong! Practically every musician from every band that performed at the festival over the weekend came together for the most epic jam session. Musicians swapped instruments and band mates, playing all kinds of covers in all kinds of line ups. Not only was it amazing musically, but it was so enjoyable to see how much the musicians themselves were loving it and just having fun with it.
Despite the festival drawing to a close, The Flattrakkers picked up the pace with their unmistakable high octane sound. These boys play as fast as a car around a race track and with each song, the dancefloor got busier and busier. After a long weekend of drinking, dancing, shopping and walking around, this was the perfect way to remind us we were still alive! Unfortunately many people started heading home, but there was one more act left. Although we’d never heard of The Back Alley Cats before, we always milk the weekend for everything it’s worth so there was no way we were leaving until the last band had played. Three young boys who looked like only teenagers took to the stage and we all glanced around at each other wondering, who were these guys? It didn’t take us long to figure out they were a name we needed to remember! They played covers and originals and their youthful looks belied their raw talent. Those who left before these guys played really missed out. But once their set was over, unfortunately it was time to leave and we tumbled out of the festival grounds buzzing with all the fun we’d had over the weekend.
GreazeFest – there really is nothing like it, and it’s the most fun we have all year!

Sunday Outfit Details

Top: Leopard Sweater from Peta Pledger (second hand from a friend, not helpful sorry!)
Pants: Collectif Black Hilda Capris from Stars and Swallows (no longer available)
Hair: Red Flowers from Atomic Cherry, Beehive by me!

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