06 August, 2015

GreazeFest: Friday Night

The anticipation was building all day and for those of us who didn't have the day off work, I don't imagine we got much work done anyway! Social media was buzzing with all the final preparations for the beginning of the GreazeFest Kustom Kulture festivities. For any readers who live on the south side of Brisbane, you may even have spotted me in the local paper.
I spent most of the day counting down the hours until home time and popped into the hairdressers during my lunch break to get my hair did for the evening. It's been fun experimenting with different styles even though I've got the side of my head shaved and I'm surprised by what I (and the professionals) can achieve! Finally all the primping and preening was done and it was time to head to the first night of the festival!
Little Billy kicked off the night but I must admit I didn't get to see much of the band as everybody was rolling through the gates and every which way I turned I ran into a familiar face that required squeals of delight, hugs and catch ups, not to mention oohing and ahhing over outfits and the odd selfie or two. Next up were Stripped Black and it was only towards the end of their set that I managed to make my way down to the stage but the few songs I caught had certainly picked up the pace and man was I ready to rock out!
The Detonators were up next and I was practically jumping out of my skin with excitement! I haven't seen these guys play live for quite some time, but they're one of my favourite Aussie rockabilly bands and they were just as good as I remember. They played a bunch of songs off their new album Monster in a Box, as well as all our old favourites. I nearly lost my voice from all the singing, screaming and shouting! With a little encouragement from the crowd (read: us starting a roaring chant) they played an encore of Jason You're A Lout, one of my all time favourite Detonators songs!
Just when we thought we'd caught our breath, headlining act Will & The Hi-Rollers took to the stage and rocked us some more. With a name like that, it makes sense that these guys hail from Las Vegas, but booking them as the final act of the night was no gamble. They whipped the crowd into a frenzy with their sassy showmanship and their obvious talent. These guys had so much energy, they looked like they could have kept playing well into the night and the crowd wouldn't have minded a bit! But alas, all good things must come to an end and so it was that we headed home to fall into bed and prepare to do it all over again tomorrow! 

Friday Night Outfit Details

Dress: Voodoo Vixen Penny Dress in Red from Blame Betty
Hair Flowers: Red Flower from Atomic Cherry
I wore the Penny dress in a size large but ultimately I think I probably could have sized down to the medium. Between my work at the gym paying off and plenty of stretch in the fabric, I think the medium would have fit my waist better, but instead I opted to wear a little belt that I dug out of the back of my cupboard at the last minute. I think it worked out great though, as the belt kind of helped to break up the print a little. This dress feels divine, the red base fabric is nice and thick but soft and stretchy making it super comfortable to wear. The mesh overlay is soft and light and the flocked floral design is so velvety and luxurious. I love the sheer top, giving you a bit of sexy peekaboo while still feeling 'covered'. The sweetheart bust line is really flattering while the keyhole cutout and tie up detail add a bit of interest. You could wear a petticoat under this dress for added fullness, but I wore it as is and the fabric hung beautifully, clinging to my curves before falling away in a beautifully draped A line.

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