25 August, 2015

An Interview with Cherry Dollface

I was really hoping to meet Cherry Dollface while she was in Australia and figured GreazeFest would be my chance. She was very busy with her workshops all day and unfortunately I never actually got the chance to go and say hi to her. Every time I walked passed her building she was either in the middle of a workshop or photoshoot, and I never saw her around at the night time stuff. Still, The Man managed to snap a pic with her while I was getting my hair done on the Saturday evening - how convenient eh? Haha Still, because she's such a sweetheart she agreed to do an interview for this blog!
Sheri Bomb: You began modelling after a picture of you at VLV ended up in Ol’ Skool Rods – how did you break into the modelling world? What made you decide to get into modelling?
Cherry Dollface: I never really thought about it, honestly. After that first magazine, I had a few companies ask me to model their things for websites and I used to just do it in trade for their clothes. It was just a fun hobby. When people would ask, I would do it!
SB: What was your first shoot like? Were you nervous? Have you had any awkward or embarrassing experiences at shoots?
CD: I think my first real shoot was at my old house. It was 10 years ago so it’s hard to remember. But I do remember feeling really awkward. I haven't ever really been nervous to shoot. But I have definitely done some super awkward ones. At that first one, we shot on my back porch and I was like "I have a great idea! I'll pretend to build the stairs!"... thinking it would be super cute. I grabbed a hammer and a screwdriver and just kind of sat that awkwardly. Not my finest work!
SB: You started your YouTube channel in 2011 – what made you decide to make the jump from modelling?
CD: I had girls asking me all of the time how I was doing my hair and makeup for shoots. So I thought youtube would be a fun little side thing. I thought if I could get a few hundred followers, it would be awesome.
Image: Michele Muerte Photographics
 SB: How do you come up with your content?
CD: I ask the girls that follow me what they want to see!
SB: How long does it take you to film and edit? Are there heaps of funny outtakes?
CD: Totally depends on the video. Could be an hour, could be 6. And I usually keep the funny bits in. I only edit out the boring stuff!
SB: Your success on YouTube saw you release your own line of lipsticks and glosses with Bomber Betty Cosmetics and a dress with Steady Clothing – how did this come about?
CD: They both approached me and I was super excited for both. I had done reviews for both companies on my channel, so I think that probably sparked the whole thing.
SB: Your work has taken you all over America, Europe and even Australia – which has been your favourite place you’ve visited?
CD: Oh man... I love them all for different reasons. Really what I love most is the girls. Every single one of them! But as far as the touristy stuff... definitely England as a whole. And Edinburgh as a city. Also loved New Zealand for how beautiful it was. And Sydney is super fun. I think a lot of it is just how cool the girls are that I get to stay with and hang out with. For that, I would choose almost every city!
Image: Sherbet Birdie
SB: With the workshops that you host, you’re offering tutorials in real time.  What’s it like being out from behind the screen?
CD: So much fun! I actually prefer to do real-life events. Youtube is fun and cool to be creative, but what I really love is the human interaction-- the hugs, the smiles, the instant feedback, the one on one contact. Nothing beats that!
SB: Did the face to face aspect of it all come easily to you?
CD: Absolutely. I am more of an "in person" person so it comes more naturally than anything. All I have to do is be myself and it's so nice!
SB: You’re very passionate about positive body image and helping people to find their self-confidence – where does this passion come from?
CD: From being a young insecure girl and wishing there was someone out there back then that had of said the things I was thinking. It took me so many years to figure myself out and be confident. It is still something I struggle with. I feel that if I voice my feelings and try to offer any help that I can to girls that are also struggling, I am doing some sort of good. I like the feeling of putting good stuff out there. There is already too much negative. Too many bitchy girls tearing each other down. I don't want any part of that.

Image: Jenna Kraczek Photography
SB: You also seem quite passionate about sharing eco-friendly solutions to all aspects of life – is this something you’re interested in bringing over into your cosmetics?
CD: Bomber Betty is already paraben free, hypo allergenic, cruelty free, sulfate free, gluten free and mostly vegan. That is why I attached my name to that company. I like what they are doing and what they are about!
SB: What’s next for Cherry Dollface?
CD: WORLD DOMINATION!!!! or maybe another tour or two. Haha. Who knows! I am just continuing to move forward, trying to be positive, trying to put good stuff out there, and trying to have fun at the same time.
SB: What did you enjoy most about your time in Australia and at GreazeFest?
CD: I always enjoy all of the girls I get to hug, the food I get to eat, and the sights I get to see that are unique to each country and city I visit.

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