14 August, 2015

GreazeFest: Saturday Night

I didn't want to miss a minute of all the GreazeFest action, so after being there all day I didn't want to have to leave in order to get ready for all the evening fun. Cue Fabulous Everything Hair & Make Up coming to the rescue! While doing my own make up wouldn't be a problem, I didn't want to have to worry about trying to do something decent with my hair, holding up the line in the ladies room so Juanita and Fanny saw to it that I looked my best. Besides, lets not kid ourselves, their hair skills far surpass mine and with a special outfit planned, I wanted my hair to look just as good.
Thanks to The Man for this shot. No one ever said getting pretty was a pretty sight.
My hair was ready, but the rest of me wasn't so I skipped off to a friend's hotel room nearby and got my face on, shimmied into my dress and downed a glass of champagne to calm my nerves. You see, for the last few months I had been working towards wearing this dress. It was my 'goal dress' when I started getting serious at the gym with my health and fitness. I wanted to be trim and tight enough to feel confident in wearing this amazing, figure-hugging dress. I purchased the dress about a month out from GreazeFest, feeling confident that I was on track to wearing it. It wasn't cheap, but it was certainly beautiful and I wanted to use it as my reward for all my hard work. I'd been lusting after this dress for quite some time. The week of GreazeFest, I tried it on and was a little shaken. It didn't quite look as good as I had imagined, as I had hoped. I wasn't sure if it was all in my head, just the nerves of wearing something I'm not used to wearing, or if it was the truth. Still, I had nothing else to wear and I figured I just had to go for it.
When all else fails, dazzle them with lurex and diamonds.
When I emerged from the bathroom with it on, my friends whooped and whistled. Sure, that's the kind of reaction a gal wants when she makes an appearance dressed to the nines, but inside I was still quite nervous and unsure. My breathing was laboured, my heart was hammering and I was shaking a little. Could I actually pull this off? Or was I just going to look like one very shimmery, over-stuffed sausage? I decided it was time for those voices in my head to just shut the heck up and for me to just get out there! I must say, everybody was very lovely and soon I had forgotten all about my doubts and was enjoying this new-found confidence. Besides, Doubleblack were up on stage and absolutely ROCKING the house with a wall of sound! There was nothing left to do but let myself go and boogie!
After Doubleblack finished, the packed dancefloor cleared while everybody caught their breath and cooled off a little. Rusty Pinto provided the perfect sound track for sipping a drink for a minute of reprieve. A little less wound up than Doubleblack but still kept you bopping along, ready for more. Rusty is a bit of a favourite up here in Queensland and the crowd certainly let him know that he was welcomed back. They screamed and yelled for more, but unfortunately his time was over and it was time for headlining Swedish act The Go Getters to take to the stage.
These guys whipped up a storm the last time they visited Australia a few year ago, and this time was no exception. Joined by Tyron of The ReChords on the stand up bass, Peter and Totte brought an explosive energy to the stage. Their hard and fast music is backed by a driving rhythm that makes you wanna shake that thang - and shake we did! The Go Getters played a SUPER extended set, working the crowd into a frenzy, and there was no doubt that the crowd had absolutely got their money's worth. One of the things I really enjoyed was seeing Pete and Totte visibly, so obviously enjoying their time up on the stage. Tonight all the action wound down at 10pm and although earlier in the day we had been lamenting this and planning places to go out afterwards, after a big day out in the sun on our feet and dancing up a storm, we quietly sent a thank you out to Lori Lee wherever she was for saving us from ourselves, remember we had to front up and do it all over again tomorrow! 

Saturday Night Outfit Details

Dress: Black & Silver Lurex Monica from PinUp Girl Clothing
Fur: Black Faux Fur Wrap from eBay
Jewellery: Earrings, Necklace & Brooch (holding by fur closed) Lovisa
Shoes: Raquel Black by InStep from Williams Shoes
So it turns out the Monica dress is amazing! I've seen smaller girls wear it and I've seen plus size girls wear it and it seems to have the magical powers of looking great on everyone. Although I do think it's a dress that is enhanced by curves, so if you tend to be straight up and down in your shape it might not be for you. It has a built in shaper, which gives you a really nice, firm hug and keeps everything where it should be. The lovely rouching and drape of the fabric is also great because although it's skin tight, it's just enough to disguise any imperfections. The dress is also nice and warm to wear, so it was perfect for this kind of night time event in winter. I've seen lots of reviews on this dress and they all seem to agree on these details.
Something all of them failed to mention however, is how difficult this dress can be to get into (and out of)! Forget looking like a saucy minx, you'll be contorting yourself and jumping all over the room trying to get it to budge. I dunno, maybe I'm just a spaz, but the built in shaper makes getting in and out of the dress a bit of a physical challenge. I think it's a bit of an art, and once you get it down pat it gets easier. Still, I think it's something worth mentioning as the first time I put it on was a bit of a sight. My tip is to step into it from the top and get your arms in the sleeves and then pull and wiggle it up over the rest of you and into place. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Also, I had to list my shoes on this one because these shoes are super affordable, and look great with EVERYTHING, but are also super comfortable! I am onto my second pair already (I also have them in red) and am about to buy my third pair in the black. I have worn them so much that they have stretched and no longer support my foot properly, meaning that have lost their super comfy magical powers. But they last quite well if you try not to wear them to death like I do, and when they do eventually need replacing, replace them I do because they are the best and most comfortable heel I have ever worn. Aside from the black and the red, I've also seen them come in a lovely cobalt blue and a peacock green. They have a slightly pointy tip, but only ever so slightly. I just love them and thought everyone else needed to know about them! haha

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