25 February, 2013

What A Difference A Week Makes

This time last week was a tough time for me. I’m not going to go into here. There is no need and it’s a personal thing that’s not for public consumption. In saying that, given I’ve been silent for the last week, I felt the need to say something. But the thing that stands out for me at the moment is not how bad I felt last week or the fact that I hadn’t blogged, but how fantastic I feel right now.

Sometimes it takes a little speed bump in the road to shake things up a bit and make you realise how good you’ve got it. There’s nothing like a bit of stress and upheaval in your life to make you re-evaluate the yardstick you use to judge how life is going. I’m very lucky that my yardstick is generally pretty good to begin with. It’s levels generally range from ‘freakin fantastic’ to ‘a bit meh’ and nothing altogether bad in between.

Lucky me! But it does mean that sometimes you take for granted how generally good things are. So when  something rather stressful and upsetting happens, you suddenly realise how much things could suck. But then they don’t, things get sorted out and life returns to normal. Except suddenly now everything looks shiny and new and beautiful. Because it is. And you enjoy a wonderful weekend that almost feels like a dream cruising for burgers in a hot rod, getting a bit DIY and creative, over-eating in the best of company surrounded by your friends, relaxing and a delicious dinner out.

A weekend full of love. And happiness. And excitement. And laughter. And giggling babies. Like a big deep breath and sigh for your soul. And everything is right with the world again.

How was your weekend? Was it as dreamy as mine?

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