08 February, 2013

I’m Ready For My Close Up Mr Demille!

So as most of you would have seen on my Facebook page, Tuesday night saw me in the new Bexterity PinUp Photography Brisbane studio for a shoot that’s been a long time coming. Without knowing much about what we would be doing, other than some instructions to bring a couple of things along, I arrived at the studio full of excitement wondering what I was about to be transformed into.

As the lovely Bex (also the owner of Your One Stop PinUp Shop) led me into the studio I was greeted with eye candy that had me oohing and ahhing. First I was chuffed with the sweet little blackboard welcoming me to my shoot – such a lovely and personal little touch that instantly had me feeling special. Then I noticed the canvas of some of Bex’s previous work – a beautiful tattooed lady just like me! This put my mind at ease as I had been secretly wondering if my tattoos would affect the period cheesecakey-ness of Bex’s beautiful work. And then there was the props and wardrobe! Be still my beating heart! It’s like walking into your fantasy dressing room. There was so much to choose from, but I wanted to let Bex work her magic so I left most of the choices up to her.

But before I got too carried away, first I had to be transformed into pin up perfection! Bex really knows her stuff and relies on immaculate hair and make up and correct lighting set ups to get the best out of her images, rather than photoshop so I was sat in a pink cuddly robe in a comfy make up chair for the next hour while I had my hair and make up done. The mirror was also strategically hidden so I couldn’t sneak a peek until I was completely done and boy am I glad because the grand reveal was so exciting! My make up looked AMAZING and my hair was absolutely stunning and so different! It was really exciting to have a different style, especially one that didn’t include my bangs. It really made me feel like a new woman.

Then it was time for outfits, posing and of course snapping those pictures! It was lots of fun, Bex gave excellent direction without making me feel like I was ‘doing it wrong’ and there were lots of laughs. No pressure to be something you’re not, just the best version of yourself, exuding confidence and the beguiling beauty of the glamour girls that have gone before us. Bex was also very patient with my poor balance in towering high heels and my escaping boobs trying making a break from the girdle. HAH It was so much fun and it really is easy to just relax and enjoy the experience without feeling like you have to pull your best ‘blue steel’ – your genuine smiles and laughter make for beautifully natural images.

In less than 3 hours I’d been completely transformed and had shots done in 4 different outfits, not to mention had the time of my life! I’m so grateful to Bex for allowing me to enjoy this experience!

I’m SO excited to see the finished images, I hope you’ve enjoyed these teasers!

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Jade Hunt said...

Love love love it!!!! Makes me more excited for mine in may :-D looks amazing Sheri can't wait to see more pics.

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