05 February, 2013

Tattoo Tuesday: Holy Corazon!

IT'S FINISHED!! Oh I'm so excited, it looks amazing if I do say so myself. Which I do! Dave has done an amazing job and I'm just so happy with it. I love it so much and the shading and cloud work are just beautiful.

A pretty big change from just the outline and a bit of grey shading, huh? Do you remember what it looked like before? You can refresh your memory and the meaning of the tattoo here. No point going over it again.

I'm just happy to bask in its amazingness. I went back on Sunday to get it finished. I sat for two and a half hours and although by the end of it I was pretty over it, I'm so happy to say that it didn't hurt as much as the first time and I was much braver this time. It's still a pretty sweet spot though.

But, as I always say after getting a bit of a painful tattoo, at least it's over and done with now and I never have to get that spot done again. HA. I really couldn't be more pleased with it and I know it's going to look just as amazing once it's all healed. The blue will chill out a bit and the colours in the corazon will come out more.

I wanted to give myself plenty of time for it to heal properly before my trip to the US so that I can really show it off while I'm over there. I have no doubt it will hold its own on American soil and I anticipate a lot of love for this piece. There's certainly been plenty from me and mine!

It's still a little tender, but it's getting better. Thank goodness. Ha. What do you think? You like?

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