17 January, 2013


I'm looking after a friend's place at the moment and where they live is a bit out in the bush. It's only about 30 minutes from main suburban areas, but it's far enough that when you're out there you feel like you're way out in the country. So far out in fact that I can't get mobile or internet reception.
One night here and there ain't so bad. I tell myself it's good to take a break from all that online, social media overstimulation. I can hear the sound of bird calls and rustling in the bushes that I tell myself is just a roo. It's good I say. A chance to REALLY relax. And it is. I can feel the difference.
But after a few days in a row of next to no reception and no contact with 'the outside world', no posting to Instagram, no check in on Facebook, no real idea of what is going on in my online life, I start to feel like I am missing out. Like I am going to miss something important.
Afterall, how many people do you know have announced big things like an engagement, break up or even that they're expecting online? It's certainly an easier way to distribute information among the vast majority of your friends. But I find it funny, this feeling of reliance on something so...trivial.
I mean, I've still had internet access at work. I've still be checking in and staying up to date with everything all day there. It seems silly to feel this way just because, for 12 hours of the night, I'm unable to stay connected. I'm sure I'll get over it. I'm sure it'll be good for me.
But it got me to thinking. The irony of it all. Someone who's lifestyle and fashion sense is so influenced by the past. To be having such a modern problem. To feel this way about something that wouldn't even have existed 50, 60 years ago. Perhaps I'll just think of it as 'living in the 50s' to the extreme? But I guess that doesn't quite count on account of the big screen TV, huh.
Have you ever 'unplugged' before? How long did you last?

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