21 January, 2013

Pageants: A Question Of Morals

I'm the one with the spotty bag - oh so young, oh so long ago!
Pageants. Competitions. Call them what you will. They're not something that I generally agree with. I did one once a long time ago but these days they're just not something I think is neccessary.There's plenty of them floating around, especially in the Rockabilly and Kustom Kulture scene. It seems no major event gets by without its very own 'pin up competition' and then there are the ones run independently of events and aren't attached to or affiliated with anything. Their sole purpose is to be a pin up competition.
In my personal opinion, I think they encourage the wrong kind of attitude and state of mind. Women often feel a sense of 'competition' between themselves to wear the prettiest dress, have the best hair do or the most desirable body shape. To reinforce this in the way of a formal competition sends the wrong message I think. There are a number of 'competitions' out there who seem to promote a very inclusive, friendly and supportive culture which I do think is excellent but I also think that by and large, we could probably do without it.
However, that's a whole other blog post in itself.
I recently became aware of a pin up type competition that focused more on the tattoos of those involved. As this would be judged on the merits, skill and artistry of the ink that adorns the participants skin I felt more at ease with the concept and requested some information on the contest. Sifting through the literature I was pleased to see that all shapes and sizes were actively encouraged to enter, including a reminder that some of the best 40s and 50s pin ups were a modern size 14. However, I was shocked when I reached the end of the information to learn that it would cost $50 to register, with no gaurantee of acceptance.
Now I realise there are costs involved with running something like this and that not all prizes can be covered by sponsors but to charge that amount simply to register your interest I think is completely wrong. Perhaps that fee could come into play if you were actually accepted into the competition but to pay that up front for potentially no result seems a little off to me. I mean, imagine how many ladies might want to enter. There could be hundreds. And if only 10 are picked to make it into the actual contest on the day...well you can do the math.
I don't know. Maybe this is common practice now. Maybe this is deemed acceptable. No doubt there will be some girls out there who will be willing to part with their cash for a chance to be a part of the contest.

But not me. Not on your life. $50 just for the chance to be involved? Nuh uh.

Would you pay the fee? Do you think this practice is fair?

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