07 January, 2013

Back In The Saddle

This pretty much sums up my holidays...anyone else think those legs look awfully bare and in need of tattoos?

So today I am back to work from 2 weeks holidays. Back to blogging after 2 weeks of quiet. It feels great actually. Sure, it was a bit of a struggle getting up this morning after 2 whole weeks of sleep ins but I had a fantastic break and am feeling so relaxed, refreshed and re-inspired!

I am so excited about this year! There is so much great stuff happening and I have a feeling that there’s even more awesomeness awaiting me that I don’t even know about yet. I feel completely re-energised about life. Yay! New years are good for that kind of thing, don’t you think? Everything feels fresh, it’s like a new chance to create the life you want to be living.

I’ve steered away from resolutions this year. Well, sort of. I rarely make ‘New Years Resolutions’ but I am always thinking about what I can do change and improve my life. I don’t think you need to wait for a new year to roll around to do it either. Whenever you feel ready, just make a change! Whether you want to be healthier, save more, be more patient, stand up for yourself, try something new, do something crazy, be spontaneous – whatever it is, just do it. Life’s too short to wait!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday period no matter how short. Heck, you might even still be on holidays and good for you! I hope you all had a great time relaxing, doing things you’ve been wanting to do and re-connecting with friends and family. I know I did! I didn’t get up to anything too exciting, I just enjoyed having some time to rest and relax. I was really needing it at the end of last year. So I spent time catching up on reading, movies and lazy lunch dates with friends. Pretty much holiday perfection in my opinion.

And speaking of holidays…have you seen the latest addition to the side bar over there?? Yep, now I’m REALLY counting down to the USA! I have to be honest and say I was tempted to do this as soon as I had bought my flights! But as excited as I was, it really would have been too soon. BUT now it’s THIS YEAR!!! 73 days away to be exact. Excuse me while I say ERMAHGERD!! I am SO excited. Every time I drive past the airport exit on the freeway, my heart beats a little faster. It will be here before I know it. In 73 days, I will enjoy the best 4 weeks of my entire life and I will never be the same again. Literally a dream come true. I absolutely cannot wait to share it all with you!!

Anyway, enough of that for now. No doubt you’ll be hearing much more about it in the coming months and I don’t want to bore you to death with it before I even get there. So there you have it, my little holiday wrap up. I’m feeling good and looking forward to sharing lots with you this year. Starting tomorrow with some of the highlights of my break including Christmas, gigs, an adult jumping castle, water fights and a kick ass tiki shack complete with sand floor.

So until tomorrow, tell me what did you get up to over the holidays? Are you ready for 2013?

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