22 August, 2011

Psychobilly Greasecore

This weekend was an awesome weekend filled with some of my favourite things. It was equal parts late night drunken shenanigans and relaxing sleep ins and snuggles. But by far, the stand out of the weekend was Saturday night’s Psychobilly Greasecore gig at the Prince of Wales Hotel.

It was my turn to be driven and get to drink this weekend so there aren’t as many photos as there should be as I took full advantage of this opportunity. But it was an awesome night, so much fun and not only did I get to catch up and have a few drinks with friends I was also treated to a night of rockin’ music, sizzling burlesque and I even squeezed in a dance or two!

First up was Graveyard Rumble who I have loved from the start and take great pleasure in watching them grow and succeed in leaps and bounds. They are also very good to me and always play a song that I ask for. With a slight change to line up, they got the crowd warmed up with their own brand of horror-fuelled rock’n’roll mayhem. Their songs are clever and really catchy…not in that sickly teeny bopper way, just that they won’t leave your head for days! Plus they are super talented with their instruments – check out Mitchy Mayhem on drums and Jerry Munstermash shredding on his guitar!

Those faces definitely say ‘rocking out’ haha

Lila Luxx kept the crowd entertained between bands with a firey performance to Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ Frenzy. The crowd loved her and I was more than pleased to be her stage kitten as she is such a lovely girl, not just to look at but also to be around.

Next up was The Dirty F Holes but I ended up getting stuck up at the bar drinking and getting spotted by people who wanted to chat and catch up. I’m sorry I didn’t make it down to the front for these guys but Big Chucky on lead vocals performed with so much energy despite being sick – what a trooper!

Then miss Bebe Lebuff took to the stage to shake her tail feather and my did she! I wish I had gotten a picture of her as she did a beautiful fan dance with the most gorgeous teal coloured feather fans and with her stunning purple hair she looked pretty as a peacock!

Then came my other favourites, The Ten Fours who helped bring the grease to Psychobilly Greasecore. Playing some of their old favourites as well as a few covers we haven’t heard in a while these boys went down a treat as always. I wasn’t expecting any dances so I wore my ‘big shoes’ but Turtle pulled me up for a dance and muddled through a slower song without breaking my ankle. Then a faster song came on and I kicked off my shoes so I could get a good dance in with The Man. He’s a fantastic dancer, he taught me and I’m sure I’m the envy of all the girls there for his dancing prowess.

The lovely Red Devotchkin was our last burly girlie of the night and I don’t think we could have asked for more – a beautiful female form, cascading flame hair, a bit of leopard print and some Guns ‘n’ Roses blasting Welcome to the Jungle. See, told you.

Bringing a bit more grease to Psychobilly Greasecore was Charlie Greaser, a super cool way to round out the night. On the scale from respectable nun to drunken gutter trash I was really only slightly to the right of the middle line by this stage but it is, unfortunately the part of my night where things start to get a bit hazy (also known as the part when I’m a little bit drunk and therefore EXTREMELY talkative and am probably banging on about nothing in particular to anyone who will listen) so I couldn’t give you the gory details of his set but I do know that I thoroughly enjoyed it and so did everyone else around me.

It really was a fantastic night and I’m so excited because there is already another one scheduled for the 8th of October so if you missed this one, I highly recommend getting along to the next one. There will of course be more burlesque as well as Brisbane boys The Vampers and Adrian Whyte of the Manic Pistoleros – I can’t wait!

On that note I will leave you with a picture of this girl who was dancing down the front. She looked like she was having a great time and good on her but her brand of dancing involved a lot of kicking and the boys that were standing near her looked a little nervous.

But here’s to awesome nights out with friends and bands and letting loose and being able to enjoy yourself – isn’t that what life’s about afterall?

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<----- MZ VICKI said...

SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT NIGHT. Oh I remember when I was young & could party all night :)

Sheri Bomb said...

haha It was awesome Mz Vicki...best part was I wasn't even hunover on Sunday! BEST EVER!

Tony said...

Livin life to its fullest, good on ya Sheri :)

Max said...

sounds awesome, Sheri!

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