29 August, 2011

Wicked Weekend

I had a great weekend filled with great music, great dancing and great company. Friday night we went to the Last Call EP launch at The Palace Hotel at Redcliffe to support one of the local bands. We were lucky enough to be driven by couple of friends of ours so we had a few drinks, then a few more...and then a few more. Then we went home and had a few more. It was a fun night although I was a little the worse for wear the next morning.

Saturday we lay around recovering until we had to get ready to go to a surprise ‘Devil Doll’ birthday party. My little black devil horn hair clips were very realistic but the weather wasn’t great (it was pouring rain), I ended up eating too much and was drinking some rather strong French Martini’s whilst already being hungover so we didn’t last too long. We stuck around for all the important birthday bits and to listen to the Ten Fours blasting some sets out of the garage but I was fading fast so we went home so I could lay in bed.

Sunday we headed to The Crown Hotel for a relaxed Sunday arvo session of hot and sweaty dancing and rockin tunes thanks to Dan and the Dualtones and West Texas Crude. A big thanks to Lori Lee for putting it on, now that the weather is warming up I hope we get to see more of these Sunday sessions, they’re such a great way to wind up the weekend.

While I was there on Sunday I started handing out some of my latest marketing collateral, which some of you may have already and a sneak preview of. You may remember a few weeks ago on facebook I was asking for suggestions of what I could send out to professional contacts and potential clients when I send through my business cards and profile. I wanted something that was a bit of a novelty and worked in with the theme of my blog but also something that was useful and wouldn’t just be thrown away, something that would be a constant reminder of me and my blog.

I’m very pleased to announce that with the help of Sailor Mouth Soaps, I now have bay rum scented brown shimmer gun soaps colour matched to my blog! They smell divine and will keep any office, draw or desk smelling sweet and spicy but if you choose to use it, you can smell and feel great knowing that the soaps are Australian made from naturally based, eco-friendly 100% vegan products with no animal testing and are CCF accredited.

All Sailor Mouth Soaps are handmade to the highest quality with a professional finish and come individually wrapped in their own cellophane packages. Not just offering artisan crafted soaps, Sailor Mouth Soaps also specialise in horror, tiki, geeky, nautical and kitsch bath and body products. There are a fantastic range of products to choose from or you can customise your own by visiting http://www.sailormouthsoaps.com/.

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Melissa {Suger} said...

OMG these are adorable!! Well done you & Sailor Mouth Soaps. These are perfect, I expect one saved for me please. :D

Aria Minx said...

How awesome would it be to have more Sundays like that. I hope it would stay as popular as it was - talk about a full house!

Sheri Bomb said...

Thanks Suger, of course there's one waiting for you!

Aria, it was such an awesome afternoon! I worked up a bit of sweat dancing but it was so fun!

Suzy said...

They are amazing! What a fantastic marketing idea :)

Atomic Martini said...

I have mine sitting on top of my computer (having already rescued it once from the mouth of a beagle - you have their hearty congratulations and approval - apparently it tastes yummy!!) and it is making my desk smell great and making me want a drink!!

Ms BC said...

Sheri that is some impressive marketing choice! Great job. Please tell me what I need to do to aquire one? It will keep my car glove compartment smelling beautiful & will scare other motorists should I wave it at them :-)
(What a great idea for a blog post - 'Getting arrested while smelling sweet')

Sheri Bomb said...

Thanks Suzy :)

Hee hee Lisa, glad your beagles approve!

Hahaha Ms BC that would make an excellent post! If you'd like one just email me your postal address and I will send you one ;)

Thank you all for all your support! I didn't realise they'd be such a hit but I'm really glad. I definately feel like I made the right choice :)

Sailor Mouth Soaps said...

Yeehar! I'm so glad you like them, your sticker looks amazing, great job Sheri!

Sheri Bomb said...

Thanks Aliya, the soaps are so great! I love them and have been sending them out to my contacts. They haven been going down a treat, everybody loves them and some people want one so bad they offered to buy one off me! haha Thanks again so much, I love them! :)

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