01 August, 2011

Monday morning coming down

I apologise for being a bad blogger. Not only did I not get around to posting while I was down in Melbourne, I didn't really keep my twitter updated either as promised.

I feel slightly guilty about this, however I was having far too much fun to even think about stopping to tweet. And while I know this is a bit crappy of me, I kept telling myself the rich experiences would make far better blog posts than random twitter updates with only 140 characters that wouldn't do it justice.

So I'm sorry for being a little MIA, it wasn't just from my blog either...I kinda went MIA from all my #nnb2011 blog peeps as well. Like I said, bad blogger!

But Melbourne swallowed me whole and I LOVED it! I have SO much to tell you and to try and make up for my neglect I'll be blogging everyday this week with all the amazing things that happened.

Of course all the info from the conference...remember, the whole reason I was down there? Yeah, I almost forgot too. But I also have so much to share with you...all the juicy, gossipy bits and all the amazing things I saw and did and bought and ate and experienced!

Without exaggeration, this was a life changing weekend.

And I am having Melbourne withdrawals.

And I am so overwhelmed, inspired, exhausted and emotions I just can't even put into words.

I need time to process, to order my thoughts so I can write coherent posts that do the experience justice.

Sitting in the airport, waiting to board our flight...I could have cried. I almost did. I wanted to.

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Melissa {Suger} said...

Yes. Bad blogger. Terrible. Horrible Blogger. Not. Hungover might be more accurate. :P Haha.

Can't wait to hear what you got up to after you ditched us. ;) Glad you got home safe.

Sheri Bomb said...

Hee hee I promise it will make for a good story ;)

Hungover is DEFINATELY right!

Biggest, most epic weekend of my life. For real.

Will have to catch up again soon so I can actually hang with you :P

Max said...

It was a great day, huh?

I'm glad you liked Melbourne, I gather it liked you as well!

Looking forward to reading about the non-blogopolis highlights!

Sheri Bomb said...

Yeah I had an amazing time!

I LOVED Melbourne and it sure did love me back!

Was great to meet you, look forward to following your blog :)

Tony said...

Don't worry about not tweeting,those of us that follow Lori(RRSAHM)as well, were getting tweets every Few minutes, :) like you said you went there to listen and learn.

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