25 March, 2014


Phew! Well it's been hectic times around here the last few weeks. My personal life got quite busy and to be honest I was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed and emotional. Thankfully I had no plans for the weekend just gone other to relax and take a breather. Unfortunately last Sunday I received a text message from my housemate telling me she was pregnant and that her parents were coming over from China and that I had 2 weeks to find somewhere else to live. Cue a general sense of panic. My first thought was to put the feelers out with all my friends on Facebook. There were lots of kind offers from friends near and far and it was very heartening to see such love and support for me. It sure helped to cheer me up. Unbelievably though, I was scouring Gumtree for share houses when I came across one that almost seemed too good to be true!
Is it not amazing!?
Not only was it big and beautiful, it was also in a lovely area (not too far from where I used to live in Holland Park) and still nice and close to work, not to mention it was cheaper! I called the number and wouldn't you know it, they could have me round to check the place out on Monday night. I went round and it was just as lovely in person as it looks in the pictures, plus the housemates seemed friendly and fun. They're into travel and when one of them started talking to me about Man V Food I knew this was the household for me. I drove home and texted them right away saying that I'd love to take the room if they'd have me. Always seeming to be one to land on my feet, they texted me back saying they'd love to have me too! Just over 24 hours after being told I had to move and I found a brilliant place! I couldn't believe my luck.
The new place has a kitty! Meet Andre AKA Fatty
However, that only gave me 4 days to pack everything up ready for the move this weekend just gone. Luckily a lot of my stuff was still packed from the last time I moved and I really only needed to pack up my room which didn't take long. And so it was that on Saturday my wonderful sister and brother-in-law brought round their ute and, along with my wonderful Man, helped me pack it all up and take it over to the new place. Of course it was just my luck that the only 5 minute window of rain we had in the whole entire beautiful sunny Saturday was while we were loaded up and driving to the new place with my mattress strapped to the top. It got pretty soaked. We had to leave it out on the deck for a day to dry and air out. Thankfully we could stay at The Man's place on Saturday night so we didn't have to sleep on the floor.
First shower beer in the new place!
We got everything moved in on Saturday, which left Sunday for unpacking, but not before a super fun night at the Soused Seas, the amazing private tiki bar of our new friends Rod and Maxine. Our friends Dani of Black Lagoon Designs tiki mugs and Evan of Johnny Voodoo's Barbershop introduced us to Rod and Maxine, who are also going to Tiki Oasis this year! I drove so that The Man could enjoy some well-earned drinks but we definitely need another trip back when I'm not driving - the cocktails they were making were fantastic! It was a great way to blow off some steam after a big day moving and was lots and lots of fun.
I am the only one not soused here ;)
Sunday it was time to put my bed up in my room, unpack all the boxes and really settle in. I was just putting the final fur coat into my wardrobe and as I pulled my arm out of the closet, I cut it on a wire shelf that had a sharp bit sticking out. It sliced me pretty good, not deep enough for stitches but too deep for just a band aid. There was blood running down my arm and I was most concerned about it having split my tattoo. I pressed some paper towel to the cut to try to stop the bleeding while we headed to the nearest pharmacy for some assistance. Thankfully the cut was nice and clean but it didn't seem to want to stop bleeding. Some antibacterial and a few steri-strips and I was put back together. It's starting to heal nicely now and I just hope it won't affect my tattoo too much once it's fully healed. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Not my TCB!!! :'(
For what was supposed to be our 'designated weekend off' it certainly turned out to be much more eventful than we were hoping. Still, the new place is fantastic and I'm settling in nicely. Now I'm really looking forward to the Easter holidays for a chance to really catch my breath and relax, because it looks like from now until then we'll be pretty busy! Sigh.  

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