01 April, 2014

100 Happy Days

If you follow me on Instagram (you should!) then you've probably seen me posting to the hashtag #100happydays over the last week or so. In case you haven't done your own detective work (which is totally something I would do) I thought I would share it with you because I think it is a really awesome concept. It's basically just a little challenge for you to share something daily that makes you happy. It doesn't have to be anything earth shattering or grand, it could be something as simple as sliding into fresh sheets or putting your socks on straight out of the dryer.
I know myself, it can be very easy to miss the little things that make you happy, especially if you're feeling down or just busy and overwhelmed (like I have lately) and I think it's certainly worth reminding yourself. 71% of people who tried to complete the challenge thought they didn't have enough time to do it. That's 71% of people who think they are too busy to be happy. That's sad. I'm very much about noticing and appreciating the little things and being grateful for all that you do have, so this challenge had me written all over it.
Even better, you can officially register as part of the challenge, choose which platform you want to submit your pictures on (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram). You can even create your own hashtag for sharing your pictures if you'd prefer them to remain a little more private. It's completely up to you. The you submit a picture each day of what makes you happy, with your hashtags, and at the end you even get a little book of your happy moments to look back and remember. How lovely!
The thing is, this challenge is about you, FOR you and no one else. It's not about being happier than someone else or being in competition or showing off or anything like that. For all intents and purposes, your images could be 'boring' to anyone else. The point is that you take time in your day to stop and consciously think about the little things that have made you happy. It's designed to improve your mood, increase your optimism, amplify your gratitude and just generally make you feel good.
I have to say, so far I'm loving it! I feel more relaxed, more present, less overwhelmed, my thinking feels clearer and I am actually more motivated. It's easy to feel like things are getting on top of you and I had been letting that negativity creep into things, including sadly the quality of this blog. But I am totally reinvigorated and feel so much more in control, not to mention I've got some great content that I'm really excited about sharing coming up. Stay tuned for one heck of a shot of colour and positivity!
Won't you join me? Lets get happy together!

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