13 March, 2014


I know I’m slightly out of synch with my regular ‘Tattoo Tuesday’ post but I only got this baby finished on Monday and wanted to wait until the swelling had gone down to post it. So that you can see it in all its glory. And damn what glory it is! I am in LOVE with this tattoo! I can’t wait for it to be completely healed so that you can see all the shading and detail in it. Mark has done an amazing job!
It’s on the outside of my left calf and it pretty much takes up the entire area, from ankle to knee, just to give you a bit of an idea on its size. It only took two 2 hour sittings with Mark (Suicide) at Voodoo Tattoo in Loganholme to complete. Not bad huh? He’s been doing this for a long time so he’s nice and quick but the quality of his work is unbelievable. He does the BEST shading! I mean, look at the shading on the devil’s face!! I think it might be my favourite part about this whole tattoo. Nailed it!
I’ve been planning this tattoo for a little while now and it’s inspired by two of my most favourite kustom kulture artists of all time – Coop and Vince Ray. The devil is of course inspired by the iconic Coop devil but the style and the girl is very much Vine Ray’s. The inspiration for the girl was actually taken from last year’s Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender poster, also designed by Vince Ray. And the devil with his finger under the gal’s chin? Well that’s a personal little detail.
The scene itself is taken from the cover of a rockabilly compilations CD I have and I just love the effect of the streetlight illuminating the brick wall. I wanted it to feel a bit sleazy, like some kind of clandestine meeting in a back alley. I love hair and really, what outfit would be complete without some leopard print? I am so pleased with this one, it was actually a great area to get tattooed. It didn’t hurt a bit and it’s healed really well, really quickly. I’ll be sure to post a photo once it’s healed completely so you can see all the colour, shading and details pop!

Ah this tattoo caper, the more I get the more I want. Lucky I’ve still got plenty of bare skin left!

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