17 December, 2012

Tis The Season

Tis the season for what? To be jolly? I've got to be honest and say I'm struggling with that a little. Friday of this week I start 2 weeks holidays and they can't come quick enough. I LOVE Christmas. And I'm really looking forward to spending time with friends and family over the holidays. But for right now, I feel the weight of the world.
Last week I thought I had problems. I was anxious, stressed and a little whingey. This week I am feeling for everyone else. It should be a time of happiness, excitment and celebration but all I am seeing is heartbreak. We lost a friend and bearing witness to the suffering of her husband over that loss is so difficult to see. My heart just aches for him.
I am watching someone I care deeply about go through one injustice after another. The potential to lose everything they've worked so hard for for so long through no fault of their own is not only compeltely infuriating to me, but the distress I know it is causing them also pains my heart.
On the other side of the world, families have lost loved ones, children, just days before Christmas. A senseless tragedy. The pain it has caused, the weight of it, the unimaginable gut wrenching, soul tearing heartbreak these people must be experiencing, it tears at my heart too.
I can't wait for next year. This year has been so hard on so many people. I have a really good feeling about next year. I hope it's true. I'm really looking forward to some time off surrounded by those I love and reconnecting with all of the blessings in my life. Soaking them in and truly appreciating them.
I am already in wind down mode. You know the one. You already feel like you're on holidays. Your motivation is low. You just want it to be time already. I may not post much more over the next few weeks. I REALLY need this break. If I have something I feel I want to share then I will post but otherwise, I need time to rest. Gain new inspiration, new motivation, see the good and fun and fascinating in things again.
Just in case I don't post again until after the holidays, I just want you all to know how much I appreciate your support. This year has been a big year for me and this blog. So much has happened and I've been given so many fantastic opportunities. This place wouldn't be what it is without all of you following along and sharing your stories and kind words on here.
♥ So thank you, from the absolute bottom of my heart ♥
Enjoy your holidays and make sure you spend time with and treasure those you hold dear.

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