04 December, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday: Hard News To Swallow

I'll apologise in advance for the lack of personality in this post but I am currently reeling from some sad news and the shock of a loss. Interesting timing for this tattoo though, as you will see...

Done on Saturday for $40 at the Brunswick Tattoos open day on the inside of my right ankle. It's a little more delicate than a lot of my other work but I like it, it's quite feminine and the placing looks great, especially in high heels.

In tattoo folklore, swallow tattoos not only signified that a sailor had sailed 5,000 miles, but they were also deeply rooted in the concept of 'return'. This symbolism is associated with the famous migration pattern of the swallows who always returned home to San Juan Capistrano. It was also a widely held belief that if a sailor died at sea, the swallow would carry his soul home to heaven.

Your beautiful soul is gone too soon Nessa ♥

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