29 October, 2012

Fright Night

After the heaviness of Friday's post, I'd like to lighten the mood around here with a bit of fun and frivolity. Thankfully on Friday night I had tickets to Fright Night at Movie World to cheer me up and cheer me up it did! Just for the month of October, Friday and Saturday nights at Movie World were transformed into a zombie-infested underworld spectacular of misty horror and some of the best rides by night.
For a mere $30 entry we enjoyed 5 hours of frightening fun on some of the park's most popular rides as well as the addition of horror mazes and ghoulish shows. Apparently the night opens with a pack of zombies flash mobbing to Thriller but unfortunately due to traffic we were a little too late for that. Still, we had bought our tickets online so we strolled right through the gates and straight into another world of vampire burlesque babes, shooting flames and more smoke machines than a B-grade horror movie.

We went straight onto the Batwing Spaceshot which shoots you 100m straight into the air pulling about 4.5Gs before a negative descent that has your heart (and quite possibly some of your intestines) in your throat. OMG this was terrifying and SO MUCH FUN! Although apparently I sounded like a winded walrus as we went up? At the top I let out a tiny little peep before talking myself off the ledge like a crazy lady by repeating over and over 'look at the pretty lights look at the pretty lights'. I love me a thrill ride, but that doesn't mean I'm brave about it!
Next it was off to the first two mazes, The Walking Dead which was a playground of zombies, dead bodies and an infestation of epic proportions. It wasn't particularly scary but the make up and sets were pretty impressive and there were a couple of surprises. This one was lots of fun! Next it was onto The Film Vault where all the darkest movie characters were brought to life. I just happened to be the lucky lady who got to lead our group through this one. IT WAS THE SCARIEST ONE THERE!! Now I'm a horror movie fiend and I don't scare so easily but the atmosphere and affects created in this maze turned me into tourettes lady.
Basically this maze consisted of metal fencing, smoke and strobe lighting with some well made up characters. Sounds simple but the route was so twisty and turny and between the smoke and the strobe lighting it was VERY disorientating. It felt like I was walking on a treadmill because I was walking but felt like I wasn't actually going anywhere. You could barely see anything in front of you and practically had to feel your way around the walls to have any idea where you needed to be going. And then of course, around every corner lurked Freddy, Jason, Here's Johnny, Mr Scream, The Girl From The Ring...all kinds of nightmarish characters. It seems my battle cry is SH!TF*CK! Such a warrior.

After that we headed to the Superman Escape which took a bit over an hour to get on thanks to its popularity and huge line up. It's FAST so the ride itself if pretty short but AMAZING fun and definitely worth the wait. You're on the metropolis subway when an earthquake strikes so Superman comes to your rescue...by launching you into the sky from 0 to 100km/ph in 2 seconds flat. Pulling 4.2Gs up vertical climbs, down weightless drops and head spinning twists and turns. Yeah, thanks Superman. Be prepared to say WOAH! a lot and turn to rubber once you get off. Also, your cheeks will probably hurt from grinning so much. SO MUCH FUN!

Unfortunately the rides closed earlier than the other attractions so I didn't get to go on The Green Lantern or Arkham Asylum like I wanted to but considering we weren't really there for the rides that are available all the time, it wasn't so bad. We then set off for the Psycho 3D maze and, the one I'd really been waiting for, the Hillbilly Slasher maze. The Psycho 3D maze wasn't particularly scary either but it was very cool. Picture pitch black corridors which zig zag, covered in neon paint splatters and some rather horrific looking skulls, psycho clown faces and ghouls which literally come out of the walls at you. A pretty simple concept, the 3D aspect of it was very cool.
The Hillbilly Slasher maze was pretty cool I guess, but not as good as I was hoping. Although something tells me I've seen too many Rob Zombie movies and my expectations were possibly a bit too high. It was a lot of fun though, the sets were quite authentic and cool and a lot of the characters inside were quite entertaining. We even saw a few who looked like some of our friends! HAH. The line for this one was quite long which also detracted from the experience a little.
Luckily we made it out just in time to get in one of the last groups allowed to ride the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster. I've been on this ride before and it's one of my favourites. So well done and so much fun! Almost at the end of the night, this line was VERY long but was worth the wait. The park also had the 'Creatures of Rock' and 'Death Derby' shows on throughout the night but we were too busy with the attractions to catch these.
I have to say, given the event was at night, the lighting wasn't great and there was a RIDICULOUS amount of smoke throughout the park which made finding the attractions a little difficult, particularly with the lack of signage but at the same time, it did add to the atmosphere and it did only cost $30 to get in. I'd definitely go back next year, in fact I plan to with a big group. It was great fun and sadly, the only thing I'll be doing this year to celebrate Halloween.
Are you celebrating Halloween this year? Please don't lecture me about it being an American tradition, I just love an excuse to get dressed up!

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