26 October, 2012

Bloggers to Borneo: A Sad & Sobering Update

It’s with a heavy heart that I write this post. There’s really no point in beating around the bush so I’ll just get to the point.

I will no longer be fundraising for the Bloggers to Borneo trip in May.

Unfortunately, I do not satisfy the requirements of the Office of Fair Trading to receive a fundraising sanction and therefore it is illegal for me to fundraise without one. It is also illegal for The Orangutan Project to assist me in fundraising for my trip in anyway.

Therefore, I am left with no choice but to withdraw my fundraising efforts.

It is very disappointing for me however I am extremely humbled by the support and enthusiasm I have already received from so many people. To know that you all believed in me and this cause so passionately is truly heartening.

I have to admit, I feel a little silly and certainly a bit embarrassed that I didn’t do enough of my ‘homework’ before I started planning and promoting my fundraising efforts. Had I been a little wiser and more patient about the process, I could have avoided all of this by realising my roadblock before going so public.

However, I consider this a BIG lesson learned.

I am a very passionate and enthusiastic person by nature and when I decide to put my mind to something, I’m very gung ho about turning that idea into an action. I now realise that in future I need to do more research before committing to things and especially, before I allow others to get involved.

I have already received a $100 donation from Robot Productions, a $50 donation from Stars & Swallows, a $50 donation from Friends of Rock ‘n’ Roll George and a $20 donation from Natatree.
I am so very grateful to all the above businesses, blogs and individuals for their show of support however I will be refunding your donations.

The one positive that I am holding on to is that no matter what, you and I can still help the orangutans which was, of course, what I wanted to support so badly in the first place. You can still donate to The Orangutan Project via their official site and all donations will go directly to helping the orangutans. 

I sincerely apologise to anyone this has caused an inconvenience to, and to everyone who has supported me so far.

I hope you understand how sorry, disappointed and humbled I am and will forgive me anyway.

*Please Note: As per the PayPal guidelines (who I had been receiving donations through) I have taken all other references to my fundraising efforts off the site.*

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