02 October, 2012

Dirt Track Demons

Saturday was the 2nd Asphalt Demons Invitational and this year's event was even bigger than last years. We were lucky, the weather was perfect, the tunes were good and the engines were revving. This was dirt track racing at its finest, a change for everyone to bring their rides and flog them down the straight, flat strap providing some stiff competition in the time trials.

It's quite possibly the most fun you could have and if you haven't driven it til something breaks well you're just not trying hard enough! Big Chucky takes the cake for who tried their absolute hardest, mistaking the 'hill' in front of him for a motorcycle jump which turned out to be the embankment for the dam. Riding at about 50kph, Chucky flew about 12ft, bike and all, into the dam. Apparently it took 6 guys and chain to fish them out! It wasn't even his bike, but luckily the Reapers Car Club forgave him after he got it running again in about 30 minutes.

Apart from that there was plenty of dust being kicked up by the beasts that took to the track including, of course, The Tank. The bonnet flew up in the first run and by the end of the day the front right lake pipe mount had broken but she was still going strong. Unfortunately my camera died after about the first few photos. Sad face. Luckily the likes of Pete Walker of Pix by Pete fame and the Lori Lee Cam were on hand to capture all the action.

Seriously, SO. MUCH. FUN. Where were you!?

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